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Jean Egan
INFP | Freelance Multimedia Designer, WordPress Consultant, Philosopher | I'm different, just like everyone else.
INFP | Freelance Multimedia Designer, WordPress Consultant, Philosopher | I'm different, just like everyone else.

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Simple solution for repeating svg and avoiding a gap.. Add this to the initial <svg> line: preserveAspectRatio="none"

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Halfway through this and have been enjoying it so far. Nicely done. Good characters that I care about and good humor in this interesting storyline.

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Wow. Respect for black ladies & what they go through for "good hair". I'm going to make a point to complement ladies who are sporting their natural hair more. Nobody should have to go through the chemicals (and chemical burns!) of relaxing their hair or the exorbitant expense of a weave. (Lower end $1000 for just the hair, not the beautician's time.)

Also enlightening to see that India's biggest export is human hair. How is this hair gathered? Conveniently, through religious ceremonies.

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Just started watching this. Chris Hemsworth doesn't make for a convincing hacker to me. I'm giving it a chance, nonetheless. Wish me luck.

NOTE: If I host your website, I'll be adding SSL to your site. FOR FREE!

(I will be rolling out this update on all hosted sites throughout the coming year, between paid jobs.)

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Force WordPress to use SSL using your .htaccess file. This was a good "last step" for me. I downloaded my database, searched and replaced "" to "", re-uploaded it and then changed the http to https in the WordPress interface. That got all my pages and images to be SSL, but it didn't force my home page/first visit to the site to SSL. Adding the 2 lines below did that. Done.

After: RewriteEngine On
I added:
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

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Do you have a WordPress site that you don't have FTP access to but need to view/edit/download theme or plugin files? (This gives you access to all files in the public_html directory.)

#wordpress   #plugins  

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Happy holidays to everyone :)

Also, sorry 'bout this, but it's become a yearly tradition for me to "enjoy" this l'il beauty.

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Woah. Perception tricks - just like magicians! Disrupt the normal flow of things and people's minds try to align with what they know rather than react in a timely manner to what's really going on. This allows a magician - or a crook to take advantage of someone. This explanation of disruption of the status-quo makes sense to me.

(Derren Brown has some good videos explaining the psychology of disruption of social expectations.)

Some people are content to make sense of a situation based on past experience while others can call it. Most are in the first group and don't recognize it right away - and if they do see what happens, but too late, perhaps pride keeps them from admitting they were fooled.

I admit I was not born "awake" to this sort of stuff, but I have been examining this with regards to street magic and it didn't occur to me that is what is happening in our government. Crazy stuff. Ugh ...and dangerous stuff.

Thanks again to a friend for sharing this privately.

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I understand not having enough. Sharing to amplify Sallie's message.
I haven't been saying anything about this in public because Belovèd Spousal Unit really likes his online privacy, but he has just given me permission to share his condition publicly. This is where we have been since the middle of August: generating tons of medical bills while unable to generate any income to pay them. We have no savings left, we are literally living on handouts right now, and we have at least two more surgeries coming up in the next year — or more if the retina repaired last week re-detaches, which is fairly likely.

If you can help at all, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you too are scraping the barrel on funds yourself, just sharing this on where it might catch someone else's generous eyes is a help.

And for the love of little green apples, if you experience any sudden upsurge of flashes and floaters in your eyes, RUN, do not walk, to an eyecare professional! We have been blessed beyond measure with the quality of care he has received from Retina Group of Washington, but the outcome would have been so much brighter if only he had recognized the symptoms and gotten care for the first eye while the damage was still fresh.
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