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Aside from two foreign women who left well before sunset, Marc and I had the area to ourselves.  We'd both done a bit of shooting at top and bottom of the falls then got ourselves set up for what we hoped would be a nice sunset.  We were very lucky here, as the temps stayed warm and the mosquitoes stayed away from the mist of the falls.

The clouds moved in and from our vantage point we couldn't see what the sunset would provide to the west.  We sat and waited or played with the dogs as darkness overcame the canyon.  Then it began.  First a faint glow of yellow, then pink and oranges melting into deeper purple and hot pink before the last of the light faded.  It was beautiful.  Happy #waterfallwednesday !

Thanks so much for stopping by and your continued support is greatly appreciated.

#plusphotoextract #RainbowFalls

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Thanks for all the plus ones!
+Chris Lazzery this is Rainbow Falls on the San Joaquin River at the south end of Devils Postpile National Monument.
This is flipping amazing! This is a pretty substantial hike is it not?
Thanks +Eric Leslie , no not really a long hike.  From the parking area I don't even think it's two miles.  Marc might remember.  But we did do a little more hiking during the day.
Oh okay, I'm thinking of another waterfall that I can't remember the name of and looks similar is supposed to require 10 miles of hiking one way. I think most pack in and stay overnight, alas this info is all useless w/o a name :)
+Eric Leslie if you remember, let me know...I might like to do that hike!  :)
Hey...looks great here also ;-)
Interestingly enough...images can vary a bit between Flickr and G+ actually.   
Interestingly enough...images can change between two photographers standing in almost the same spot!  ;)  I think of the two we posted there might be a two minute difference in the light.
From my EXIF:
Date and Time (Original) 2012:07:16 19:21:32
The light! so beautiful! I love this photograph
YEAH!!!  absolutely love this image. The cool tones of the water and the colors in the sky. Just fantastic!
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