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Happy birthday to the heart of our guild, druid extraordinaire, +Matthew Burlingame​! 
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OMGoddess, you made me tear up. :) Thank you!! <3 
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Jean Bees

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Please help restore 14 acres of landfill and revitalize a neglected community. This is where I practice, but this project goes beyond our sangha.  #dharmarain   #plantingzen  
Cultivating Compassion & Mindfulness, Creating Community, Restoring Land at Dharma Rain Zen Center | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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So, basically, I don't want to be in an argument with a friend about what I think is a pretty non-controversial statement. I just don't think there's anything misleading (or even surprising) about saying the area in which that land is located has issues that include poverty and crime. Nor do I think it's misleading to say that people in the surrounding areas are affected by that, despite their lack of chain link fences.

If you disagree, and it seems that you do, it's probably not the right project for you to donate to, and of course that's completely fine.

Jean Bees

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+Ryan Di Spaltro , +Adam Wall , and +Jerome Comeau , after I uploaded a bunch of old pics to Google, it came up with this. I thought you might enjoy it.
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Jean Bees

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It's like a gaming Meyers-Briggs, kinda. I love this stuff. I spend altogether too much time thinking about my relationship to games and the meaning of gaming, I guess.
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Do you read Raph Koster's blog (
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Jean Bees

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OK, this FFXIV expac is the jankiest damn upgrade process I've been through. And I'm not even sure I'm done.

ALSO: My main character is now not listed in my Lodestone or Mog Station accounts. I assume this has to do with the expac, but I'm getting kind of cranky about how involved this seems to be!
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Darn Canadians.
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Jean Bees

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Ow, my ovaries.
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Jean Bees

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So, the Decemberists' new EP was a pleasant surprise this morning!
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Jean Bees

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Happy Birthday, +Christine Søvig Gilbert​​! Have a wonderful day!
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Thank you!
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Jean Bees

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Sharing especially for +Jerome Comeau .
The fact that Anne Bonny and Mary Read ever crossed paths at all is almost unbelievable. Of the thousands of pirates active in the Caribbean during the 17th...
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Jean Bees

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Me: Is +Jeremy Kostiew as awesome in real life as he is on the internet?
+Jerome Comeau : YES.
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Unsurprising, yet satisfying to hear. :D
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Jean Bees

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Jean Bees

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Happy Birthday to my lovely and talented friend, +Donna Suggarz! Love you! 
Happy Birthday Donna Suggarz
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Cultivating Compassion &amp; Mindfulness, Creating Community, Restoring Land at Dharma Rain Zen Center | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to sup

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