Confusion, Clarity

So, I can get an HTC One and a $50 gift card, for $100 plus a trade-in phone, only in-store at Best Buy, where the phone is locked to AT&T, with a 2-year agreement where the first 20 months include a credit payment on the phone, but where after 12 months the remaining payments can be waived if I buy a new phone and get into a new 2-year contract, and where I might be be able to pay an early termination fee to get out of the contract early?

Here's my problem: I don't have a PhD in economics. I'm totally incapable of evaluating the actual cost or value of such a statement.

On the other hand, I can pay $300 for a Nexus 4, without any carrier locking, no strings attached, get a no-contract T-Mobile plan, and in that can I can switch plans or stop service at any time at no cost,  I can sell my device or buy a new one whenever I want with no impact on my service contract?

Now that's something that I feel I can understand.

I'm not even talking about the actual details of the various plans, but it's clear that I can understand T-Mobile's plans better than AT&T's.

Thanks +T-Mobile for making things simple.

Edit: slightly tweaked the title.
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