#ingress  is addictive.

Earlier today, walking in San Francisco after getting a new passport, I added a loop around the Yerba Buena gardens... twice.

Coming out of the office, my car was parked ~1000ft from the building. It took me almost an hour to walk to it after hopping from portal to portal to build some inventory and level up.

Right now, someone is attacking #Resistance portals close to where I live. My wife asked me if I wanted to skip dinner to go defend them. She knows...

Now, my goal is to get my wife addicted as well. There's a tight group of ~30 portals close to home, and this'd be a perfect way for her to get out of the apartment and walk a bit. But then if she decides to pick the opposite faction there could be some tension at home...
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Wow, your wife is understanding. Good catch my friend.
Just getting started, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to find myself walking around town with my four-year-old daughter, while she asks me "papa, why do you keep playing with your phone?!".
Sounds fun, can't wait to play. Do you have to walk or will jogging work.
Jealous! Still waiting for my code!
An acquaintance on mine was recently mugged in Yerba Buena..
I was creeping behind someone tonight, they were trying to break my fields down....  I think this game may get out of hand...  lol  I just need my portal submissions to go through so I can have more closer to where I live up in the Rocky Mountains / Big Sky Country.  Have to drive to get to any that are close.
By the way, this game can really burn through some time.
Heh, your wife is awesome! My girlfriend is a gamer but if I told her I had to go outside with my phone to hack portals I just know she'd look at me as if I was an alien. :)
I took the long way home from work, too, with a three-week-old ankle sprain. To whom at Google can I submit my medical claim?
I meant by pulling a string or two from within Google. I hear Niantic Labs is located through the portal from Building 42 and to the left.
Your wife is awesome! Sounds like getting her addicted won't be hard at all. 
Unrelated to this post but does Google offer any co-op positions to Drexel students?
Okay. Thanks. Figured I would ask anyway. 
This game sounds so interesting...

also Android slide typing is pretty damn good...
I just got my invite late tonight. I have to wait till morning to get out. I can't wait.
Can you send me an invite
+King Caonabo I was fortunate and in touch with an employee who had invites to send out. Another possibility I'd suggest is checking out +Brandon Badger he occasionally gives out invites for creative posts and requests. Check out his profile to see posts that did receive invites and get creative!
Jealous... :-) can't wait... 
I actually ran my battery down all the way today playing.
I can see it now...Android 5.0 AOSP release has been delayed due to "circumstances beyond our control"... ;)
Grrr! JBQ with the invite-k0d3z.. grumble No fun! :P
After discovering, I needed to go out to undiscovered portals in my area. I must have looked really lost.
Asking for an invite seams like asking for an ETA nowadays.

+Jean-Baptiste Quéru be careful your wife could be a spy for the other side. In the end she will steal your device and then close your portals. Trust no one.
Enlightenment is upon us, whether you choose to accept it.....or not
It is addictive, and sort of refreshing to have a purpose besides "walking" when you're at home, or out and about. Ended up identifying another resistance faction member during my takeovers this evening. It was interesting to see a guy driving around and taking out enemy portals alongside myself... I like this game.
Shame, I thought I will try that with kid on weekend. But good old walk is good enough :-)
Best of luck, I hope I can do the same once I get an invite for my family.
+Roy Batty - agreed! What is everyone talking about? Invites? Portals? Walking game? Huh?
I wonder why must be two opposite groups. This brings violence. This game should be just about collaboration to make world better place to be...
+Drago Mlakar  lol it's not going to bring actual violence, #1 it's a game. and players like having warring factions. It creates competition, which can make the game fun. 
+Jon McLaren  +Kos .io  This game has really huge potential. It could make same difference. But sadly sticks to fraction/competition pattern. Anyway, just waiting to get in and have fun :)
Watching my email too, waiting for that code
I'm glad this is a competitive game, this kind of open-world PvP is much more interesting than if it was merely players vs. some puzzle (as in Curiosity which is pretty lame honestly).

And yeah, still checking my email for that invite every few hours, like so many others...
Players from the other faction are competitors, that does't mean that they're enemies. Play safe, play clean, play respectfully toward players of both factions and toward non-players.
I'm hoping soon there is a google earth layer (or plugin) that allows anyone to create their own world interactive virtual reality maps.
> Now, my goal is to get my wife addicted as well. 

If someone manages to do this, please do share your secrets ^^
First step to get my wife addicted is getting an invite for her.... :-) 
Just requested an invite... Now i'm waiting.... :-)
Maybe not San Francsico, but I can imagine the States will have many drive-through portals soon. At least that's how I'm doing it in the rural part of Belgium. Well, "rural" isn't quite right, "offline" is better. Wondering if anyone at Niantic Labs is considering the detrimental ecological effects of the current -10% upkeep rules? We don't all live in San Francisco.
+Eugenia Loli is a keeper then! Hmmm… resisting together… ;)

I'm sending in photos from my area for potential inclusion as portals so I can 'play' until I get a code. Keep resisting …
Jealous! ;) Still trying to get a code here. :/
Your wife has just won the wife of the year 2012 award... 
It's fun and all, but the Enlightenment is getting owned big time. There seems to be so many people joining the Resistance (probably because of the cool name)
Muahaha! Viva le resistance! (yeah, I know, spelling) 
+Joel Webber Like the Subaru commercial: "Don't tell Mom…" & get her a phone-just join the Resistance… ;)
Man, switch teams. Come join me on the #Enlightened  side. Do you even know who you're working for yet? 
And yeah, I'm just about to turn L3. I'm looking forward to picking up some easy access by torching the YBG portals.

For more fun, Japantown has been an absolute battleground. Whoever Skyra is on your team is doing a great job pushing us back. I dunno where they are geting so many high level bursters!
Damn! But you need at least one other person to get a portal fully to L3, right? I guess unless you are very high level!
I'm really looking forward to the first Ingress Enemy Faction Portal Raids. 
That portal half-embedded in the Museum of Craft and Folk Art was particularly evil. Took me a long time to claim that one for the #enlightened  
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