Mid-July: it's between Early July and Late July

I'm a lucky man.

As the technical lead of a major Open Source project, I often get questions about future release dates. Since I can't actually answer those questions, they're a little bit annoying.

I'm lucky to actually get those questions. Those questions mean that I have users who care about my project. They mean that a few days or a few weeks make a difference. They mean that I work on a project that matters.

Really, the worst possible scenario for me would be to find that suddenly nobody cares about Android any more. I'd be very sad if nobody was downloading from our servers any more, if nobody was uploading contributions, if nobody was reporting bugs or submitting feature requests.

So, I appreciate it when people can wait quite patiently, but I also smile when people ask about future releases, even though I can't answer. Keep being patient, and keep being impatient!
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