This is what's been consuming my entire life for the last 6 weeks. The Android Open-Source Project is distributing source code again.

Get also a glimpse about the future (yes, that means ICS will be coming to AOSP).
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Your efforts are not in vain +Jean-Baptiste Queru! Lots of people have been anticipating this, so well done for working so hard.
Sweet! can't wait for the ICS code release
Me neither!!! Should not be long though....
Phil H
Much appreciated; ICS hungrily awaited!
Zach M
Thanks for all of the hard work! 
very much appreciated - thanks for the work!
Can't wait for Android 4.0 / ICS OTA for my Nexus S!
Really appreciated +Jean-Baptiste Queru , not only for the news and the hard work, but for the enormous amount of patience you put on "dealing" with the community ;)
+Ander Webbs - Very broadly, the community was also very patient and understanding of the situation we were in. The ongoing stream of questions just showed that people care about AOSP and that we weren't actually doing that work for nothing.
+Jean-Baptiste Queru agreed, but I know how hard can be having to read the same questions again and again, and having to give the same answers again and again.
Anyways, let's move on celebrating some open source love! ;)
Hurray! <hic> :P

Finally the naysayers of Android's "opensourceness" can shut the heck up.
Thank you for all of your hard work. We love you all for it.
+Al Sutton : I think +Andrew Stadler said it best.

For people working with the AOSP files, it's also nice to pay close attention to compatibility (CTS) and to the various licenses.

Finally, when things aren't perfect, we very much appreciate when people give us the benefit of the doubt, or a bit of patience, of show some restraint in frustrating moments. It's beneficial to everyone.
Play nice in the sandbox and everyone will have a good time. :)
Thanks everyone for the friendly words. I very much realize that it's been a long wait, and it's great that people were generally patient and reasonable all along. We're not back where we want to be, and there's more work ahead to restore Gerrit and gitweb access, and of course to release new versions.
+Stefan Sander - I don't have any news, unfortunately. This issue is still on my radar, but unfortunately it's really a non-technical issue and so far I haven't managed to find any technical workaround for it. I've been bugging people about that for a long time, but so far there hasn't been enough progress to make a visible difference.
JBQ while we're om the subject, how come there's no official location where we can download complete OTA zips with versions as the come out (speaking for the nexus developer series only, not for commertial devices). There are only partial updates. So if i want to re-flash my nexus s to 2.3.4 i need to flash it to a clean 2.3.2 then partial flash to 2.3.3 and another partial to 2.3.4 ..
Isn't there an ftp for complete update.zips of the oficial versions for the nexus family?
+Stanojko Markovik - There's no official download location from Google for any kind of updates, full or partial, factory images or OTA packages, for non-technical reasons. Google would have no difficulty hosting such files on our servers (they're in the low hundreds of MB at most), but we haven't been able to secure all the rights to do so.

Some manufacturers do host such files themselves on their own servers. I know that HTC has been hosting images for ADP1, ADP2 and (I think) Nexus One, and Motorola for Xoom.

(Oh, FWIW, there's no such thing as a developer series for Nexus, the only "true" developer phones were ADP1 and ADP2).
I can't wait to see the source code of ICS AOSP apps. As a developer it's going to help me a lot to make my apps work better on different devices.
I love JBQ style its called as Source Code with Bangggggggg...
Hey Jean-Baptiste, do you know if the nexus one will get the ICS update? If so, will it be within, say, a month of the nexus s getting it? Thanks.
I'm looking at backporting Stagefright to Android 1.6 to get a well-defined MediaPlayer supporting HLS (ie stagefright a la Android 3+), so I'm super exited about this :-)
+Rick Z - It's got to ship to consumers on at least one model of devices before we release the source code. We say "devices" as "individual units", not "individual models".
JBQ you can send me a galaxy nexus if that helps :V
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