Boycotting a company?

Boycotting a tech company because they once did something that was unfriendly to Open Source?

Wow, good luck buying any tech gadget in those conditions.

Think about it. No, seriously. Take any company, look back 10 years. All companies end up in the Open Source Internet Beam Of Hate at some point or another, not always for good reason. I've felt that heat myself a few times in the last few years, I know all too well what it's like to be hated by the people you're trying to help.

Even the companies that try to put Open Source above everything else screw up, either because they make mistakes, or simply because within the Open Source world there are so many different interests anyway that it's impossible to please everyone.
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Well... I don't see +Intel having problems with Open Source

Edit: But I still agree :)
Not to mention as a business they have to work with OTHER businesses and they don't always agree w/ open source so therefore some things can't be released.(not to mention the lawyers but lets not talk about them).
Encore une fois, un exemple de sagesse, de raison et de raisonnement!

Il ne faut pas jeter le bébé avec l'eau du bain.  ;)
What about boycotting a tech company that avoids paying taxes (via legal loopholes)? Is that also impossible while remaining a consumer of technology?
+Carlos Silva I've been involved with Linux long enough to remember the days when Intel was quite hostile to opensource.

They've been so heavily involved in opensource for such a long time that it's easy to forget, but there was a time, once upon a time, which is JBQ's point.
I find the boycott craze particularly hilarious in general, to be honest.
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru I've been watching your posts shoot down everyone's efforts, or to put it more realistically, explain the poor rationale behind it.

With that being said, what do you suggest we do? People want to do something and I think that should be taken advantage of. Any ideas? Or are with SOL?
it's quite simple to boycott products: live in primitive era, there's nothing to boycott ;-) 
Speak out then. Don't beat around the bush! 
+John Edwards I know that :)

But still, they changed and that makes them a top contributor to OS. I really don't ask for things to be open. That, most of the time, is impossible, I rather prefer for them to be distributable, and that normally solves almost every problem.

I don't need Qualcomm to hand over the code, just make it easy to distribute, just like nvidia does with its driver.
Thanks I was going to skip Nexus 7 2nd gen because of this :(
(petition + boycott) = (blocked + reported)

Most of the time it has no impact on others, but you feel like a better person.
Fair point. You're being much more reasonable than I think I would have been in your situation. +1 for your rationale, sir.
Since people are asking what to do instead, here's my advice: point out the positive things. When you buy a product because it does something well that is important to you, get your voice heard:

-as a customer, you have demonstrated that you're actually willing to commit money, not just that you're willing to make noise.

-institutional memory tries to remember the good things and not the bad ones, so pointing out the good things like more likely to have lasting effects.

Don't like company X? Buy from company Y, and sing their praises without mentioning company X at all.