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Here at Google, we strive to be proudly excited

It's a GSM Galaxy Nexus, finally available in the US.


It's got all the apps you want, and none that you don't. And, if there are really apps you don't want, you can disable them. It even has Google Wallet. You want that.


It's SIM-unlocked, supports all the HSPA+ networks in the US and in Europe and roams happily around the world.


It can be used with the Android Open Source Project, and the factory images are available to restore it to its original state in case you don't like your custom AOSP builds.


It comes straight from Google, without anyone getting in the way.


You don't need to sign a 2-year contract to get your hands on one. You can use it with any type of SIM you want, you can make operators compete for your business and switch whenever you want. You can even us it without a SIM, it becomes a WiFi device that can also call 911.


For the background on the not-so-subliminal "BUY NOW", see which explains the whole story.
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God, I wish I didn't import mine last week :(
Nate F
"Google now offers flexible payment methods. IOUs written on napkins are accepted."
Oh, can't this be true? =/

On another note: I'm glad there's a phone being sold with Google Wallet enabled. I'm with T-mobile and it kills me when I see the market message: "Not compatible with your device" ... feh! It's compatible, just not with my carrier!
No shit +Avuton Olrich be careful with that secure element. Samsung doesn't do international warranty repair
Google should have make it available when Galaxy Nexus was first introduced in Nov, 2011.
+Avuton Olrich You sure? I can't even search for it in the Play Store using my phone. When I browse to it on, it tells me it's incompatible with my device.
Quoted from +Melina M

Irony: See announcement that Play Store now sells devices. Click link to purchase unlocked $399 Galaxy Nexus from Google. Notice it offers to open in Play Store on my Galaxy Nexus. Click to open it in Play Store. Play Store can't handle the link on a phone and crashes.
+Jean-Baptiste Queru I paid $700 for the phone a few months ago. :-(

I still like the phone though. But, this situation is worse than losing value on a brand new car when you drive it out of the dealer's lot. ~40%
All these "BUY NOW"s make me worried about the future of the Android operating system.
I could kiss you, if it weren't for the inevitable fire from the beards crossing streams.
+Chester Moy Yeah, or it let me install it earlier despite the fact I'm on T-mobile. I thought it was pretty crazy, I tried on Sunday and got the same you're getting.
hmm I like this price better wonder what return window is on mine ;-)
+Yaorong Lou Exactly. No screw up's +Android and +Google Play
The next Nexus please offer this without any carrier interference. I can afford to do with out a contract, hopefully more Americans realize buying a phone without a contract will do more harm to the carriers then themselves.
+Avuton Olrich Are you able to view the app in the Play Store? Perform updates? Uninstall, reinstall?
+Chester Moy Yeah, crazy, maybe, but it works perfect. I uninstalled, etc.. just went to it in the play store on my phone, no problems finding it like I had Sunday.
Wish we had some warning that this was coming, already bought two international versions.
I'm hoping for the next nexus to be carrier agnostic, from the beginning. Verizon might have a decent enough network, but it's super expensive in my area.
Bought one today, within 2 hours of the announcement. Come on 2-day shipping!
A T-mobile user should be able to roam onto AT&T's "4G" network with this phone, right?
hum, does this mean it's inventory clean up time and something better is cooking up? still sounds like a sweet deal. too bad won't work for people already locked into something...
after roaming agreements go through yes
Nice! I wish this had been this way in December.

Google, please sell the next Nexus device this way from Day One.
I'm stunned how cheap it is off-contract. If I didn't have TWO Motorola phones to use on a daily basis, I'd consider it.
Very temping, not sure if I want to stick with T-mobile or bite the bullet and just sign a Sprint contract though.
Will serve the last of my sentence with T-Mobile with this device and then switch to a cheaper no contract regional GSM service. Phone will pay for itsself in no time.
+Josh Kimble - Well, there's no Google Wallet in AOSP ;-) Seriously, though, at the AOSP level what really matters is the hardware configuration, and this is maguro hardware, exactly like the European GSM variant that's already supported in AOSP.
+Nathan Schwermann - The beauty of being unlocked and no-contract is that you can get one, try T-Mobile as pre-paid, and if you don't like it you can switch away (and sell the phone if you don't want to keep it). That'll give T-Mobile an incentive to give you good service. If you sign a 2-year contract with Sprint, you won't have that flexibility, so they won't have that incentive.
+Nathan Schwermann after my contract with tmob ends I am checking into "StraightTalk". $45 a month no contract unlimited text and voice (says unlimited data so maybe throtelled after x gb..). There are tons of smaller companies that lease from the "big 4" out there. (of course make sure they are GSM first!)You won't have degraded service but you will have a smaller monthly bill!
+Trenton Ray be sure to read up on Straight Talk. I have them and they work wonderfully. But I use 3G Internet sparingly. Apparently if you "abuse" your Internet it stop being "unlimited" and there have been stories on hofo of people losing their numbers without warning. I would only recommend them if your data needs are low.
I couldn't wait. I had to import my G-Nex...
+Trenton Ray for reliable data, honest limits, Tmobile prepaid is the way to go. I had them, but again my data needs were low.
I have Simple Mobile. They warn you at 2GB, but it is unlimited everything for $60 a month, prepaid.
I usually am on wifi but the Straight Talk contract seems a bit dubious. No clear marker of what constitutes "abuse". Thanks again :)
+Trenton Ray the golden rule at hofo is no more than 100mb/day or 2gb/month to stay safe. I am only at like 50mb per day. I'm on wifi all day. Simple mobile throttles you at around 2gb and disables data at 3gb. At least your number is safe though. I work at a small cell phone shop, see it a few times.
If only they can manage to produce a decent car dock
I'm currently running yakjuxw, but plan on switching to takju. Can't wait to have the real Google-supported OS on my device. Thanks for bringing back the Nexus One philosophy, guys. This is what it was all about the whole time!
It would be nice Android developers from other countries can purchase this as a development device, just like in the past for the G1, Ion & the Nexus One. "Google-direct" devices are the best. Perhaps on the next iteration of the Nexus line. :-)
I wonder if Google will ever be willing to sell unlocked unsubsidised phones directly to Irish people. Does look like a nice price for those who can get it.
I just paid my phone bill, 10 euros and change.
Price is nice. Too bad it's a half-a-year old device by now. It should've been this way from day 1.
If you sell in Europe with the same price you will not be able to handle the orders:-P Is that why you only sell in USA? I understand...
$399 roughly converted = £250. Chances of getting this price anywhere else (UK in my case), extremely unlikely. Would actually buy today for that price if had the chance!
please don't forget there is a world outside the states!
Shipping to Europe? I can't understand how a worldwide company like Google should be this limited.
Too bad I'm already caught in T-Mobile's web and the contract doesn't end until 2013. And Best Buy's "buy back" will only get me a Best Buy gift certificate (for about 30% of the retail value).
Yes, it's time Google (and quite a few other companies) realize they have an international crowd of customers/fans/users, and not (apparently) without reason limit their offers to residents of this or that country. Hadn't it been possible to buy the ADP1 some 3 years ago, I may never have jumped on the Android band wagon.
That sucks. I just bought two last week for $500 online.
This is a smart move. Finally at a very very reasonable price point. I imported mine already though. I had a nexus one as well I bought directly from Google. No need for monkeying around with custom roms when you got a nexus.
How long will these be available at this price? Im trying to sell my Sidekick 4G and my G2x so i can buy one.
I am getting a "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." message?

Maybe it's a US-only thing.
+pawan nimje - I don't know which frequencies are used by the GSM carriers in India, so I don't have any answer for you, sorry.
+Jean-Baptiste Queru I've installed the factory image of IMM76i on my Google Galaxy Nexus GSM, the OTA 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 IMM76D doesn't appeared here in Brazil in my device. The signal strenght are so much better!
+Jean-Baptiste Queru you are awesome.. thanks a lot for your quick reply ... frequencies used in India are 900/1800 .. which i guess are supported by unlocked version ... now my question is will i get 3G ??
Awesome phone! I just can't get over the fact I just bought two for $500 last week. I wish Google would help me out. Especially since I got robbed at gunpoint and they took my first gnex hence, the second purchase
+pawan nimje - Well, on that device there's no 3G support on the 1800 band, so the answer is probably "maybe, maybe not, depending on the tower you talk to". 900 and 1800 are both supported in 2G.
The Connection 3G it's the same of the symbol 3G and H on our devices?
I think 3G is displayed for the slower 3G protocols, and H for the faster ones (and I don't know where the cutoff is).
Hmmm nothing outside the US yet. Given that the EMV solution is deeply flawed (wide-opened filesystem instead of a UICC application), there would be room for Google wallet in Europe...
Can Google do anything to get Samsung to distribute the car dock for the GSM version? Nobody seems to have it in stock (particularly in the US). The phone has been out now for how many months?
I wish I would have bought this instead of the one from big red
Mr. Queru, I know this thread is for the HSPA+ version but the CDMA thread was closed. I hope you don't mind. But when understanding why Samsung is coding as a part of the AOSP while Verizon and Sprint are signing the updates for their network, would it be possible, since they run on CDMA for telephony and text but GSM for LTE, to trade the CDMA modems out for ones running on GSM since Verizon at least operates some of their phones on dual-band? I'm pretty sure they have established quite a bit of GSM towers stateside with their supposed transition coming next year.

Or in the time being, enforce to Verizon to have AOSP developer compliance through ip-voice through data and wifi for their telephony communication. I just think that these carrier-based legal debacles are stifling innovation. With CDMA carriers having to approve of an OTA update, before shipping it, wouldn't this essentially nullify the entire AOSP concept of updates sent out directly from Google? I know there are copyrights that holders of CDMA techs have but why would Google send Nexus phones to Verizon and now Sprint knowing that they would have to sign them? Only recently could a GSM variant be bought directly from Google leaving thousands of customers stuck.
It kind of makes me also wonder why the only AOSP devices available in the U.S are running on CDMA networks with the exception of the Nexus S with a Quad-band configuration. In my opinion, I think that the Carriers and manufacturers would have to send their coding requirements to Google for any modifications and have all updates provided by Google via AOSP instead. And also, just for compatibility, I think it should be mandated that all phones under AOSP follow a similar model to the, how do I put this correctly, (Shepards to the complacently capitalist sheep), where a pentaband antenna is standard issue.

So with this whole issue about the carriers or the manufacturers or whoever, why not simplify the whole process with standardization to prevent blatant stifling of innovation? The biggest drawback though would in my opinion be data cap limits by service providers in wireless and home internet due to data-intensive potential technology. But that's a whole different story there.
God I hope this does very well for Google as I would rather buy a phone directly from Google to have a stock Android experience and get the latest updates. Even with the Galaxy Nexus reported to have a sub-par camera as compared to other phones on the market I would still get it over anything out there because of the stock Android experience. I also hope Google adds other devices to this part of the Play Store like a tablet running stock Android, a Chromebook, and maybe some Google Glasses...
Any idea if Google will be selling directly to customers in the UK?
Who doesn't wish they could work at Google. This is my punishment for not getting a degree, I can't work for Google.
Love the Galaxy Nexus but something is odd about the screen. There is something like a temporary burn in when changing between dark and light backgrounds. I see the launcher icons for seconds on the blue Facebook splashscreen. I replaced and the second one has the same issue.
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