Yahoo, Android, NYC, March 20

Yahoo is hosting an Android event in our New York office, in the evening on March 20.

We'll talk about Android Development, about Yahoo, about Android Development at Yahoo, and especially about the role that Yahoo's NYC office plays in those. I'll be covering the architecture side of things.

You can expect some brief presentations from a few people, including yours truly, as well as enough time to mingle, chat, exchange ideas, answer questions.

This is also a good time to have an up-to-date resume ready.

Register at

Let me know in the comments what you'd like my presentation to be about :)
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I wouldn't mind trying out that News app. I really like the Yahoo Weather app and with a big company you'd think that they should have iOS and Android apps ready at the same time. But I'll look forward to see what the event has to offer. 
Would love to hear an update regarding Yahoo! Messenger update for Android, perhaps new clean UI with efficient running process, smart notifications, smooth and battery friendly? :)
I just asked for you at the MWC yahoo booth..
Signed up. I'd love a talk on the some of the big mistakes you see other developers making.
I'd love to hear about how you guys organize the different teams that work on your apps, as well as how you manage things like deployment, distribution, and communication among your teams and designers.

Basically a meta discussion on how a company the size of Yahoo! approaches development.
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru How soon will you decide who is invited? I'd love to come up from Washington DC, but obviously its easier to make travel arrangements in advance.

Also, +1 to +Mike DiGiovanni's suggestion of common mistakes. Or perhaps something that mentions APIs that you see that are underutilized.
Linux mint-16 came pre-packaged with yahoo, not google.
that sort of got my attention. i see no relationship between google android and yahoo. or better yet i have not even heard the word yahoo in it seems like years. interesting.
so i am not imagining this
Perhaps you could answer why Yahoo has opted to roll their own push notification system with an always running service per app (bad) instead of using GCM? :)
hopefully a lot of your excellent UI tastes rubs off on yahoos apps.
Anything about instrumentation testing or other unit test suites like Robolectric etc. would be fantastic.
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru

- What process does your team take to outlining new applications/features in applications?
- What tools and processes does your team use for testing (unit/instrumentation)
- What are you using to build UI going forward? Activities/Fragments? Something else? Expand...
- If/when/where you're "native" (in the Java-sense, not necessarily NDK) vs. non-native (HTML)

Looking forward to getting on the list ;-)
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