The GPL source code for Android 3.2 is available in AOSP.

This might look like a small release, but it actually consumed a lot of my time over the last 2 months, as there are quite a few details that need to be carefully taken care of for such a release. Hopefully people will find it useful.
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nice, nice. Now we just need that good ol' core code and we are all set ;-)
Hold on, this is not the entire release unless I understood incorrectly? HC hasn't been released in any 'running' fashion and this is just the newest LGPL code required by law? Why don't you release ALL of the source like in Android 2?
Bill K
Nice. Does this mean true AOSP Honeycomb ROMs are on the way?
AWESOME :D, you made my day (so far :P)
+Bill K no its jsut the gpl bits like like the kernel
Bill K
Aaahhh. Still good news though.
Thank you for all your hard work. Your effort is greatly appreciated.
+Bill These are only GPL and LGPL components. Most of the userspace (that is, non-kernel) software/code uses ASL2.0 (Apache). We need those userspace code to create custom ROMs.
I confirm that only the GPL and LGPL components have been released. The rest of the platform (i.e. the vast majority) is not covered by those licenses and has not been Open-Sourced.

With a bit less techno-license-babble, the files that I have released today aren't enough to create custom community versions of Honeycomb.
I seriously need to exchange my iPhone for some Android phone
David D
Oh it's getting good now! Keep up the good work!
Nice man thanks... 
Brad - I understand the curiosity. However, plans can and do change quickly, so I'd rather only talk about what's been done in order to avoid making inaccurate predictions.
+Jean-Baptiste Queru Things can get hairy if you forget who you Open Android. I would recommend working up internally with that question for us :)
good move, we are waiting for rest
Awesome. Is there a changelog somewhere?
+Ryan Bailey - I'm not aware of a changelog for user-facing or developer-facing features, sorry. My focus is quite tightly on the Open-Source source code itself.
Simba Z
Good news,hope not just a news.
Well done and thanks! Hope to see more Honeycomb in AOSP, but if not there's always hope for ICS :-) It's really hard not tweaking my xoom, just gonna have to settle for tweaking my new Nexus S
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