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Back in in the 2006 mid-term elections the politicians associated with the +GOP took heavy losses. In a conciliatory olive branch to the change in government balance Donald Rumsfield stepped down. The verbiage of Bush changed overnight; reflecting the mandate(s) imparted by the election results. 

Fast forward 8 years later... and an even larger tidal wave of change struck Congress in the 2014 mid-term elections. The GOP rode to majority victories in the Senate and Congress, taking elections that hadn't even thought to have been under any kind of contention, as well as taking Gubernational seats that many would have considered lost causes. 

The reasons for the reverse range from person to person... but there is no question that the #RepublicanParty  heads into 2015 with a clear mandate to only stop the #ObamaAgenda ; but to reverse that agenda. There is a clear mandate that the #AffordableCareAct , aka #ObamaCare , is to be repealed. Immediately. There is a clear mandate that the #KeystonePipeline  is to be completed. Immediately. There is a clear mandate that the #immigration  issue is not to be addressed through amnesty. Immediately. There is a clear mandate that Obama's use of legally questionable executive orders is to halt. Immediately. 

Yet the speech that Obama gave today was a far cry from the 2006 capitulations of the Bush Administration. Obama doubled down on his Executive Order Strategy in a press conference that left multiple analysts scratching their heads. Just what was Obama's Strategy?

I have two theories that could explain Obama's speech. The first is fairly simple: Obama is attempting to sabotage the #Clinton  run for presidency. I personally don't buy that theory because it would involve Obama actually having to plan 2 years into the future; and he has not demonstrated the capacity for that kind of mental demand.

The second is slightly scarier: Obama doesn't actually know what a US President does. I find myself buying this theory based on observable evidence. 

Case in point would be the Executive Orders. The legal outlined duties of the President involve submitting a Bill to congress, working with Congress to reach a compromise on the intents of that Bill, and then signing the Bill into Law. However, Obama has not actually submitted Legislation to Congress. There have been zero meetings with political party leaders to go over submitted legislation, much less actually submitted legislation. 

Another point would be #HarryReid . The US #houseofrepresentatives  has passed numerous bills along to the Senate; bills that have been blockaded by Mr. Reid. Just to get an idea on how large the scope of Mr. Reid's actions is... go visit a page on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bills_in_the_113th_United_States_Congress

The practical result has been a sitting US President who actually hasn't had to do his job; has not performed his job; and is now under lawsuit for a Judge to declare his in-office actions illegal. Ergo I find myself buying into the idea that Obama does not understand his duties as a President of the US. 

Based upon the assumption(s) that Obama is either ignorant of his duties, or possibly incompetent and incapable of carrying those duties out, November 5th speech is fairly easy to analyse and understand. There probably will not be any ejections of Obama's obstructionist appointees; highlighted case in point being Eric Holder who has demonstrated complete and total incompetence in the office of Attorney General. 

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Also: full disclosure: I did generate letters to various GOP officials before the elections offering my own services as a political analyst. 
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