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Bit of a followup to the previous post. In it I suggested that the border between the United States and Mexico be more than just a brick wall. 

The core concept is based largely on the #PanamaCanal ; a feat of practical engineering that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. It was also built in the early 1900's; with first usage in 1914. The Panama Canal was not exactly built to be a Tourist Destination, much less a sustainable border.

So... 100 years later... certainly the United States and other Countries can top that right?  Right?

The pitch is pretty simple: build a series of interconnecting locks and dams along the border between the United States and Mexico with a width of about ~150 meters and a depth of about ~30 meters. This would be enough space to fit two TI-Class supertankers, or two Valemax ships, side by side. For reference TI-Class has a beam of ~68 meters; while Valemax is slightly slimmer at ~65 meters. Fitting two ships within the size range of the TI-Class or Valemax series of super-ships requires a water depth in excess of the TI-Class's ~25 meter draught. 

A ~150 meter by ~30 meter average water depth creates a significant barrier of passage all on it's own. Then there is the engineering problem of creating side walls that can contain a channel of that depth and width; and creating the pumps, locks, and levies that can shift ships up and down over the course of the terrain. 

The upshot is that modern technologies, at least on paper, suggest that such a massive project is feasible. However most such engineer projects tend to be invoked as just an engineering project... and nothing more. Again, the Panama Canal just isn't a place people go for honeymoons or vacation trips. 

So; why not make the Border between the United States and Mexico a tourist destination? Why not construct the Canal Walls in such a way that there is a contiguous sunglass covered walkway on each side of the canal?  Why not build in marked bike paths atop the wall(s) and host marathons? Why not create spaces for local vendors to set up shops and sell hamburgers or the like for those traveling the border?

Why not make the entire Border something special to go to? 
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