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+Valve / +Steam / +Valve Linux had a very busy   #GDC2015  today. 

... Kind of keeping an eye on my inbox actually... 
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Answers that question. Thank you for responding.
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I'll try to write some more on this... 
The Khronos Group - a non-profit industry consortium to develop, publish and promote open standard, royalty-free media authoring and acceleration standards for desktop and handheld devices, combined with conformance qualification programs for platform and device interoperability.
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Quick #GNiE  comment on +AMD's #Carrizo  chip. So far I have not been a participant in any press briefings so far; but it looks like a hard-launch could be in line for the upcoming #Computex

However; AMD's market success with their latest mobile oriented chip will largely depend on whether or not AMD has #Chromebook  and #Android  devices on display for Computex with their latest chip. To date AMD has been effectively locked out of the only growing computing device market segment(s); and Win10 isn't going to be enough to turn that trend around. 
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+spencer dawson granted I don't currently have a touch screen or tablet in hand; so I can't quite judge where Win10 is now against where #PlasmaActive  was in 2012:

Nor can I judge Win10 against what +Jolla is doing with #Sailfish  using #QT + #KDE  right now:

From a purely software standpoint KDE has been ready to address the 2:1 convergence for literal years; but trying to get vendors to actually ship retail products has been... well... difficult at best. Which is admittedly to Microsoft's theoretical advantage. Win10 in low-power devices doesn't have to compete against the best user-interface products available; it just has to compete against whatever mobile interfaces  #Apple  or +Google bring to market. 

However; that was the same "advantage" Microsoft pushed with Windows 8 on tablets and 2:1 devices; and it didn't work.  Google's Aura Window Manger for ChromeOS might be barebones; but the sales volumes quickly showed that users were far more happy with traditional laptop devices. The rise of Wireless Display adapters also has had an effect; with 2:1 devices no longer necessarily having to address both desktop and mobile usage profiles in the same strict hardware package. 

So... Win10 being enough to turn the tide and get Microsoft's sales going again?  Don't see that happening; especially not with Microsoft slowly starting to embrace the idea that it doesn't matter whether or not consumers leverage Microsoft software as long those consumers leverage Microsoft services. Office on Ipad and Android for example. 

More devices offering Sandboxed Android/ChromeOS compatibility with extended utilities?  Such as how #Crouton  already expands #ChromeOS  to handle traditional #GNU + #Linux  environments? Or how Jolla completely blows all the other competition out of the water?

Those are the kinds of products that +AMD needs to be SHOWCASING  on their front home page, conventions, and other appearances. Not another round of "Me too"  products. 
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I popped with this little bit of feedback; but it also applies to +Netflix and other streaming services: 

* * *

In regards to the quote/unquote "Exclusive Content."

... There is no good way to say this but to just be blunt. The very second a writer succumbs to using profanity, obscenities, or vulgarities... they have failed. Period. Stop. End of story.

The majority of the quote/unquote "Adult Oriented" content falls into the trap of assuming that excessive use of profane, obscene, or vulgar words makes the content "Dark" or "Gritty" or "Dramatic."  It does not. It just makes the show's writing staff look uncreative. 

HBO is a prime case in point of this. The average television viewer is told by a reviewer that an HBO show is "Good" or "worth seeing."  The average viewer then repeats what they've been told; and this builds the public perception that such and such an "original series" was somehow worthy of the awards that were heaped upon. However HBO's critical success... has not translated into financial success. When Time Warner finally disclosed HBO's fiscal records in 2014 ( the result was, to quote CNBC, unwatchable for investors. 

Far from having been a sales success... HBO had barely managed to maintain a steady client base. The practical result for Netflix, and now in turn Amazon Prime, is that the halo showpiece of HBO... just is not driving the customer interest that the network is constantly pitched as supposedly driving. 

This holds true across almost all of the non-pornagraphic premium cable channels. The actual viewer count consistently drops. While a large percentage of the entire cable industry's losses are indeed attributable to the rise of network services like Netflix and Amazon Prime; the premium channels with exclusive content(s) typically release DVD or Blu-Ray collections. Only those collections don't sell. 

Looking forward this puts Amazon's interests in the Motion Picture format(s) at risk. Amazon can continue to push the development of exclusive content that tries to mimic or replicate the filth filled  premium channels on Cable Television. Going down that path eventually will lead to an even larger amount of consumers finding more palatable content. 

The other option is for somebody at the executive level to step in and start asking the writing staff and production staffs of Amazon Produced Content... if they happen to have a thesaurus on hand... and would they mind using it. Real people in real situations do not toddle around spouting obscenities every 5 seconds from their mouth. Well... some do... but unless the objective is to appeal to the absolutely lowest class denominator possible... that's just not good business. 

Forcing Amazon Produced Content to can the profane, vulgar, or obscene chatter will in turn force writing and production staffs to actually have to think through the scripts. This in turn will produce stronger content as the writing and production staff are forced into actually thinking a dialog scene through... rather than just writing out a few words and then filling in the minutes to make the format length work with whatever trash talk comes to mind. 
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#KeystonePipeline  has passed both the US #Senate  and the US #HouseOfRepresentatives . The bill is now being sent to the sitting president's desk.

Given that Mr. #Obama  has doubled down... multiple times now... on his political ideology... I do not believe there is any doubt that he will follow through the #Veto  threat. I do not believe it will matter to Obama that the anti-energy stance held by the liberal democrat archetype is directly responsible for many of the political losses the US Democrat National Party has suffered to date.

Almost all polls to date; even polls rigged to try and demonstrate that the Keystone Plan might have an un-anticipated long term ecological impact; show an overwhelming majority of US Citizens want the Keystone Plan to go through. One of the factors involved is that those who actually care about ecological impact recognize that if nothing else the Keystone Plan effectively buys time for Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles and Hydrogen Refueling stations to mature. A gradual conversion to Hydrogen Fuel Cells would directly lesson the pressure on Petrol Supplies, which in turn would have an greater positive impact on long term ecological effects. 

In addition US Citizens just got used to seeing petrol prices under ~$2.00(us) a gallon.  Implementing the Keystone Pipeline Plan would ensure that petrol prices continue to remain under that price barrier even with Union led refinery strikes and hostile events in petrol-producing foreign nations. From all logical points of view then; there is no reason to not put the Keystone Plan into action NOW. 

The real question then is what happens if Mr. Obama is unwise enough to veto the Keystone Pipeline. Issuing a Veto would not just solidify Obama as a disconnected bureaucrat more interested in his personal politics; it would be an effective death knell to the DNC itself which Obama is supposed to represent.

What I do not think a lot of the press covering the US Governent understand is that the Office of the President is not the be-all-end-all of the US Government. Congress is. Congress can call for a session and vote to over-ride a Presidential veto. 

To reiterate a an earlier point the liberal democrat anti-energy opposition to the Keystone Plan to date has already cost multiple politicians their jobs. DNC party members currently in the Senate and the House of Representatives will have to make a choice:

do DNC Party members obey the party line and continue to oppose the Keystone plan?

Or do DNC Party members break ranks and vote to over-ride a Veto; potentially Obama's first veto rejection; and thus save any chance for re-election?

Assuming that the DNC Party members hold to the model of their party and shift their stances based on prevalent political winds... how exactly is Obama going to handle a rejected veto?

Is Obama intelligent enough to understand that once a veto is rejected the floodgates are open; that more and more DNC Party members will be more likely to listen to their constituents in order to save their political jobs? 

The smart thing for Obama would be to just sign the Keystone Plan... but as has been witnessed since the Novemeber US Elections... smart hasn't exactly been attribute on Obama's character sheet. 
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Further than I personally would prefer. The House only voted 270-152; about 12 votes shy of a Veto-Rejection ~282. One +GOP representative, #JustinAmash  of #Michigan  voted against the bill. 

The Senate vote was about 4 votes short of a 2/3 majority.  

All US Citizens can do right now is send letters to their respective congressional representatives; congratulating those who voted for the bill... and informing those who voted against that their careers are more than likely over. 
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Je Saist

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+Sony+PlayStation​ this is what we expect to see for customer service. 
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In another merging of #CineNikki  themes and #Murkypolitics ... #JonStewart  is stepping down from #TheDailyShow

Can't... exactly... say I'm surprised. Case in point; Mr. Stewart recently performed a clip expressing shock and outrage at the perennial target of #NancyPelosi

For those aware of Mr. Stewart's actual political leanings the ending line that Nancy Pelosi should "go"  was far more damning than if it such a line were uttered by somebody such as myself. However, the actual largest laugh in the entire bit was simply glossed over.

There is this wonderful bit where Mr. Stewart gets up on a soap box about how the situation in question is one that embodies all that Nancy Pelosi stands for. 

Which is the joke. Nancy Pelosi, and many others on the far left of the political spectrum... simply don't stand for anything. At all. Nancy Pelosi's political track record is a near perfect example of somebody who has absolutely no morals, no standards, no sense of ethics. I already used a term once today to describe a line uttered about Hillary Clinton which bears repeating: The idea that Nancy Pelosi stood for anything besides her own personal political power... is #Ludicrous  

Mr. Stewart's inability to simply realize what is actually funny when talking about real-life events... is the kind of lack-of-performance that continues to make +Comedy Central a relative laughing stock among cable programming. 
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#Murkypolitics   #Likehellthisismurky   #ObamaIsWrong   #55Democrats   #OnlyValidIranOptionIsNoNuclearAtAll  

... there are not enough words in the English, German, Klingon, or Droid Languages to accurately convey the level of #AbsoluteFail  that #Obama  and the #DemocraticNationalParty  managed to achieve today. Not only am I reminded of #NevilleChamberlain 's infamous #PeaceInOurTime ... I've been debating whether or not to post a clip from 20th episode of Season 04 #MissionImpossible  in which an on film traitor gives, almost to the letter, the same excuses given by the #Democrat  representatives in response to #BenjaminNetanyahu 's speech.
President Obama has repeatedly insulted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, tarnishing the strong relationship between the United States and our closest ally in the Middle East. At a time where global security is endangered, with the proliferation of ISIS and other terror threats in the Middle East, our Israel deserves America's unwavering support.
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It is being reported that the +Samsung USA / +Samsung Mobile / +Samsung Mobile USA  #Galaxy6  lacks a #microsdcard  slot. 

... well that was just a bad idea. 
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I think it is probably safe to say that between the massive amount of effort taken by the organizers of the #academyawards   to avoid issuing any rewards to the #LordoftheRings  movies; coupled with the massive effort to award the living daylights out of #brokeback ... long ago signaled to the current generation of movie buffs that the #Oscars  were no longer about the quality of films so much as a #PoliticalStatement .   
I didn't really find the Jack Black superhero jokes offensive, did you guys? It was, like, a joke. I'm not sure if you guys noticed, but the writing on...
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I lurve Corgi's. Best little ankle nipping yap happy chewy gnawing tail waggin little puppehs. 
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