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... I'm quite happy with the version of #Android  currently loaded my +Sony Xperia Z3... but this looks to be interesting. 
MIUI 7 Patchrom Released! MIUI 7 Ported to 69 Devices!
Download here: #MIUI7  
Google Nexus 5
Galaxy Nexus
Google Nexus 4
Samsung I9505
Samsung I9508
Galaxy Note 3
Samsung S4 L720
Samsung N9005
Samsung I9300
Samsung N7105
Samsung I9502
Samsung I9305
Samsung N9008V
Samsung I9500
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy S5
Samsung i9308
Galaxy S3 SC03E
Samsung N7108
LG G2 L22
LG F180
Sony Xperia Ion
Sony LT26i
Sony L36h
Sony Xperia Z2
Sony Xperia Z1
Sony Xperia Z3
HTC One(M8)
HTC One S(S4)
HTC Desire 816t
nubia Z5S MINI
nubia Z5 MINI
nubia Z5S
nubia Z7 max
nubia Z7 mini
ZTE Q802t
ZTE Star One
ZTE Star Two
ZTE Redbull
OPPO Find 5
OPPO Find7
Huawei Honor 6 (WCDMA)
Huawei Honor 6 (TD-SCDMA)
Huawei Ascend P1
Huawei Honor 3C (4G)
Coolpad Dashen F1
Coolpad F1 8297-T01
Coolpad F2 8675-FHD
Coolpad F2 8675-A
Oneplus One
Vivo xshot
Sky A850
Sky A870
Tianyu V8
Tianyu V9
Tianyu Touch3
Lenovo K3 K30-T
Lenovo K910 (E/L)
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+AMD's #RadeonR9Nano  is being pushed out to press for sampling round about now.

As usual journalists who cover hardware from #Linux  perspectives are noticeably absent from the list of reviewers with hardware in hand. 
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Still no word on whether or not Day 1 PC also means #SteamOS  / #Debian   #Linux  support. Mostly sharing the PS4 link due to lack of an equivalent Windows/Linux tagged video.
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... I can only imagine trying to explain this to a mid-level manager:   "Yeah, about that project? Turned out it accidentally was a file system"  
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#GNiE   #Murkypolitics  

I long ago stopped using +Mozilla Firefox in favor of +Google Chrome, +Opera, #KDE   #Konqueror , and more recently the #Vivaldi  browser from former Opera developers. I think I decided I was personally done with Mozilla after they gave into a politically driven liberal agenda pushed by an aggressive mob. 

This change doesn't make it any more likely that I, as an end user, would consider moving back. 
I can understand why Mozilla would want to do this, but they clearly don't get why they shouldn't do it. As Firefox's popularity continues to wane, the last thing they should do is alienate their developer community.
Mozilla wants to modernize Firefox's extension and add-on systems, but those are the last things many programmers want.
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Some of +Intel​'s new kit might address some of these issues.
Recent academic research has found that the SSDs used in many flash arrays have surprising performance issues. For example, researchers from Carnegie Mellon and Facebook and recently discovered that placing sparse arrays on SSDs cause premature wear and failure.

Researchers at SanDisk found that applications, such as no SQL databases, that have log structured I/O, have interference effects with SSDs that slow performance and increase latency. The log structured flash translation layer (FTL) that makes flash look like a disk interacts with the already log structured I/O from the application in deleterious ways.
Flash-based SSDs have revolutionized enterprise storage. But SATA SSDs have serious problems that show that after more than 50 years of disk-based storage, our ancient I/O stack must be rebuilt. Here's why.
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Not yet. 
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+Sony / +Sony Xperia seem to be teasing their next flagship device... possibly.

Given that the Qualcomm 820 is still a good distance away... at the 810 update that was called the Z4 already out at as the Z3+... I'm laying odds that the 2015 fall flagship could be a Z3 Ultra based on Nvidia's Tegra X1 platform... 
Looking back on innovation is inspiring, but looking forward? That’s truly exciting.
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I'm not exactly what one would call a fan of the +WWE.

That being said...  #stephenamell  as #Arrow  at #Wrestlemania32  would probably even get me to ante up for watching that broadcast live.  
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... #GNiE   #Murkypolitics  

+Re/code apparently keeps having to ask itself why they can't draw in traffic despite the presence of quote/unquote "heavy hitters"  like Walt Mossberg. I think this story answers the question completely.

Hillary Clinton is, by this time, somebody who has openly confessed to criminal actions. She has publicly confessed to Obstruction of Justice; she has publicly confessed to dereliction of duty; and she has publicly confessed to malfeasance in office.

Hillary Clinton should be sitting in a US Federal Penitentiary cooling her heels after her public statements surrounding her time office, her actions on the privately held computer server, and her attempts to conceal her actions while in office.  She should not be attempting to run any kind of campaign.

That more tech sites; and more tech journalists; are not up in arms demanding that those flying under the +GOP Banner do not immediately and actively get Hillary Clinton's public statements before a judge and bring charges; is the actual story here.
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Blog post on some ideas how we can better use available hardware layers in KWin.
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8 reasons to donate to the KDE Sprints 2015 fundraising campaign

#2 - You'll help create a supportive atmosphere for new contributors to KDE

Most of the time, free software contribution is done by volunteers who work remotely and communicate with other contributors over the Internet. A lot of KDE development work is accomplished that way. However, there is a remarkable boost in productivity, cooperation, overcoming of barriers and synergistic decision making when developers are brought together for in-person meetings (sprints). Sprints are a catalyst for hard and focused work. They help to build friendships, strengthen motivation, and bring together more experienced contributors. Sprints also encourage participation from new people who are committed to free software excellence, people with technical skills and fresh ideas. Yes, you can help to make all of this happen!
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