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#GNiE   #Cinenikki   #ClarksonHammondMayLive  

Back in March I commented there would be a bidding war over a property the #BBC  shot itself in the rear end on:

The Bidding War is over. won. 

#Clarkson , #Hammond , #May , and #Wilman  re-unite next year for a new driving program. While we can be pretty sure it won't be called +Top Gear... and it probably won't have +The Stig... it will probably be #AWESOMESAUCEWITHCATNIP

What I find strange though is that Amazon's main .com site... isn't sharing the news. Weird. Maybe somebody just forgot to update the front page. 
Online shopping for Guess Who's Back from a great selection at Prime Instant Video Store.
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Incidentally this probably also means I'll be canceling my +Netflix subscription... 
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#GNiE   #RedAsh  

Right... still don't have a login set up for the revived Gamenikkiinexile Site... so... here. I just, in relative terms, finished playing around with the #RedAshPrototype . To set up my thoughts on the prototype I need to cover two other topics first.

The first factor is the Legacy. Josh and I had bit of back and forth on the exact legacy of the game; mostly centering around the claims that #MegaManLegends  was one of the first, if not first, third person shooter open-world title. As best as both of us could determine; there wasn't actually any game prior to 1997 that tried to do what Mega Man Legends attempted; roughly stated as:   "there's a difference between a big-ass world and an open world."   

Only, I hated Mega Man Legends; or at least the PSX version. I was never happy with the control scheme which seemed to have been lifted from Tomb Raider. Then again, most early PSX games suffered from what I termed "faux 3d"  control schemes created by the limitations of original PSX controller. 

With that in mind I ran Mega Man Legends on a +Sony  +PlayStation  #PS3  console with the DualShock 3 controller; while running the Red Ash Prototype on a Windows system using the #PS4  controller. At the very least the placeholder system certainly feels better. It's not as intuitive... or as well animated... as #DyingLight  mind you... but it the Prototype certainly felt more like the control scheme Mega Man Legends should have had. 

The second factor is how the Kickstarter itself has been handled. First in the handling was the timing of the Kickstarter. I've seen more than a tiny bit of negative feedback from gamers upset that +comceptjp is pushing "yet another"  title before #MightyNumber9  actually hits retail release. On one hand I do find it a bit tacky that Comcept turned to crowd-funding before their first crowd-funded game was actually completed. Not to put too fine a on the subject; but of the 4 games I have previously backed on Kickstarter... none have reached a release state yet. While, as admitted in a previous post, I have allocated some money as a KS backer, I can't fault other potential contributors from being more than a tad bit nervous. 

On the other hand; I understand that Comcept is a small studio; and that their previous project is wrapping up. I "get"  ... or "grok"  if you will... that in order for all of Comcept's employees to continue to get paid; they have to either find or create more work for themselves. For all of the team-members whose tasks are effectively finished in relation to #MN9 ; of course it makes sense to get started on the next project.  It is my considered opinion that Comcept did not do that great a job of communicating within the Red Ash information that MN9 was in the hands of a release team that would not rob MN9 of any development resources. 

Second in terms of handling was the vague outline of the game's scope. It wasn't until the update on July 17th that the entirety of the game's scope, both prologue and main-game, were revealed. Quite honestly, when I think of a modern successor to Mega Man Legends; I'm thinking of a shooter with the scale of Skyrim. You know, what Destiny was supposed to be. #YesIJustWentThere . #NoIAmNotSorry

Third in terms of handling was the revelation of all the development parties involved. A significant amount of work in game development is often performed by quote/unquote "White Label"  studios. Most white labels normally go without credit; and in that respect Hyde is no exception. That being said; Hyde has worked with Atlus and Nippon Ichi, two studios with long histories of amazing and compelling games. In some aspects; knowing that some of the game's development was going to be done outside of Comcept should have been something that was stated up front; which would have helped with both the implied scope and the concerns over detracted resources from MN9's launch. 

What it all boils down to, at least for me, is that Comcept's KS feels, and felt, like it was launched way too early. To frame it this way: several of the KS updates have basically been the equivalent of a development log. I'm not saying that's a bad thing since I appreciate; if not want to encourage; more developers interacting with their player base.. Which is where I can now finally get back to talking about the prototype. 

If the simple Prototype with Hyde's models had been available on day 1 of the Kickstarter... I think the average reaction would have been far more positive. For what it is; the Prototype is one of the best marketing bits Comcept could have come up with.

Case in point for me is that I noticed that the character models appeared to have different weights for jumping in terms of height and distance. My mind immediately leapt towards thinking about multiplayer possibilities; something far outside the scope of the game as is.  The more I thought about it though, the more I really wanted a Mega Man Legends successor with Borderlands style multiplayer, and Skyrim's sheer scope. Playing through the prototype; I couldn't help but feel that maybe somebody at Comcept was already contemplating how the game would handle different avatars of different sizes... and more importantly... how the game would handle level design to accommodate differently sized avatars.

Is the Prototype enough to gain enough interest and make the push with only a few days left? That's still a good question. It is, however, something quite tangible.

It also worth noting that Comcept and Hyde managed to produce this tangible taste within only a few days. That's kind of impressive and might set some potential backer fears aside. 
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+comceptjp has posted an update for #RedAsh

It's a prototype; using characters from #MightyNumber9  to give players a feel for how Red Ash could play if funded. I can't help but think that this kind of release would have been better suited for far earlier in the Kickstarter Campaign... 
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This link was brought to my attention in a few messages. It seems that #Linux  support is included by default; a much appreciated feature independents seem to have little problem addressing. 

As far as the game itself... the pictures paint a compelling open-world exploration experience. If the accompanying videos are any indication; this is a game I personally would love to see more of. 
Clouds Below. A downloadable game for Windows and Linux. Download NowName your own price. Clouds Below is a 3d person adventure platformer. You explore the mountains above the clouds and solve wind based puzzles. This is a prototype made in 7 weeks.
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The splash graphic here makes me think of Mario meets Avatar.
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Many of you have been asking for more details on the ta …
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#GNiE   #Cinenikki  

... It was an Adam Sandler movie. The same Adam Sandler that has nigh-on 2/3 of his entire film career panned by critics tracked through Metacritic. 

The same Adam Sandler that had internal Sony employees asking why Amy Pascal kept greenlighting projects. The same Adam Sandler that is routinely regarded as a mediocre actor; a terrible producer; and somebody just plain awful to work with. 

The same Adam Sandler that took Forbes anti-award for Most Overpaid Actor  two-years running; with a 2014 ratio of ~$3 earned for every ~$1 on his paycheck. The same Adam Sandler that both Forbes and Business Insider were quick to point out only got that ratio because of really low production budgets.

I shouldn't have to ask how in the world Pixels could have been worse than expected. There were no expectations. This was going to be a bad film from the day it was announced. The only hope anybody could have ever had was that it would have been so bad that it could have developed it's own drinking game or a hilarious Rifftrax.

+Sony... the new #SonyPicturesEntertainment  CEO needs to tell Adam Sandler to take a long hike off a short pier. 
This is an Adam Sandler movie so of course not even Q-bert is safe from being reduced to the butt of an excrement joke.
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Honestly, who didn't think this movie was going to be bad?
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Personally my own take has been that there are three types of writers who have been bashing on G+ non-stop. The first are those that are highly insulted that they cannot garner the same level of mob-mentality interest as defined by Twitter Retweets or Facebook Likes. G+ can almost entirely be used in an isolated manner with private posts; which means that the mob-mentality types that rely on view numbers or extensive data collection on trends and hashtags; simply can't get an accurate picture of what the actual G+ conversation flow looks like. 

The second are those who fail to understand that G+ enables extensive feed controls. Several of those I have followed I place into a Circle; kick that circle out of my home feed; and then simply select the circle I want to view and read everything almost magazine style. That control also allows me to ignore or mute stories or blurbs I'm not interested in; functions that simply do not exist on Twitter or Facebook. I can also mute notifications from specific users without having to block them entirely; again; foreign functions on Twitter of Facebook. 

The third are typically the advertiser based writers. Services like Twitter and Facebook are all about the ads; all the time; everywhere. G+ simply doesn't function like that; requiring actual PR involvement to push interest in vendor feeds.

G+ has always been more about function and utility; the integration of applications as a social networking tool; rather than a simplified wall of graffiti for users to deface. Little wonder then that so many in the quote/unquote tech press want G+ dead. 
Sorry, tech press. Google+ is alive and well.

(Read my column: )

A chorus of tech journalists this week is saying that Google is phasing out its social network, Google+.

Where did they get this juicy nugget of information? Well, they made it up. And I'll tell you why.

But first, let's look at what the press is saying and compare that with reality:

#GooglePlus #Google+
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i have a slightly jaded view on this. advertisers and services such as Facebook create fake, e.g. bullshit user engagement. Facebook and Twitter aid and abet them. This is almost impossible to do on G+ without investing either in actual human interaction and/or engaging user content. 
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It is being reported by +Polygon that +Razer will honor the #Ouya   #FreeTheGamesFund  payouts; despite those debts not being part of the Razer purchase of Ouya assets. Which is nice.
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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This was shared to the  #RedAsh   #Kickstarter  with only a few days to go. Right now Red Ash stands just a little over half-way to the initial $800,000 goal; and quite a ways from the $1,000,000 goal for a release on +Sony +PlayStation  #PS4 .
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+Je Saist too many questionable occurrences I take it
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+HEXUS... assuming a valid account... asked what I thought was an interesting question of the week. Would +Intel's upcoming Skylake be enough to get current users to upgrade their rigs; or outright buy a new computer with +Google's #ChromeOS  or Microsoft's #Win10

A while back I went... completely nuts... over the #Haswell  based quote/unquote #HighEndDeskTop , or #HEDT , i7-5820K. I considered it to be the most interesting processor out of the LGA 2011-v3 releases; not least of which was due to it's sub ~$400(US) price-tag. I think I went so far as to declare that the 5820k was just as revolutionary for Intel's product line as the Legendary I7-920. 

Only... I never bought one. Medical Expenses; living costs; the usual sort of penny-pinching from day to day; just didn't lend themselves to the costs of an Intel rig. 

Approaching a little less than a year later... and I still don't really see anything that's punching close to the price/performance mark that the 5820k.  Okay; fair shot; AMD hasn't exactly been doing a good job of making processors that put pressure on Intel to drop prices... much less compete at that kind of price point. While Zen may change that... Zen isn't available for anybody outside of AMD to really comment on.

LGA 2011-v3 itself is getting a bit long in the tooth. If I was ready to put my money down on a brand new system... I'd be wanting USB Type C out of the box; and maybe enough PCIE lanes to run a 6-core processor and 2 PCIE slots at 16x each. 

Public information on Intel's HEDT future release(s) is a bit sketchy though. The very short release window of #Broadwell  suggests that that a #Skylake_E  design is more likely than a #Broadwell_E  design.

I'm not sure it'd be worth the costs to perform a potential minor-upgrade to just a quad-core Skylake from the equipment I have in hand. I don't doubt that almost any of Intel's current quad-core I7's, and most of the quad-core I5's, would be visibly faster in several practical usage scenarios; but fast enough to justify the investment is a different question.

If Intel drops a ~$400(US) Skylake-E Hex-Core with partners pushing ~$250(US) motherboard(s); I do think that would likely be worth it it to shell out for on launch day. 
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#Murkpolitics   #LikeHellThisIsMurky  

I saw this from +Jeffrey Johnson's feed and had to share. 
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