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Online English lessons with experienced tutors.
Online English lessons with experienced tutors.

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Learn the phrase 'have / get something done'.
Learn the phrase 'have / get something done' in this video lesson. It comes with a transcript (and captions) and there is a question at the end for you to answer.

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I have created a new community for English learners. Here is what to do:

1. Join the community
2. Share it with your friends
3. Introduce yourself on the community page

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English Learners: Follow my new page to get the best advice and resources so that you can reach a high level of English!

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New video for English learners!

Find out when to start your journey to English fluency.

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Please follow my new Google Plus page. This is where I'll be posting most in the future.

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Hey everyone! Here is a free download for you... "7 Free Tools to Help You Reach English Fluency."

I'm sure that there are some tools that you haven't seen before. All you need to do to access the guide is to click the link below, enter your details, and then find the guide in your inbox.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Less than 36 hours left to save up to $60...

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The To Fluency Program is now open!

This video course is going to show you EXACTLY what you need to do to reach a high level of English.

I'm super excited about helping English learners like you reach fluency by showing you what works, what mentality you need, and how to keep consistent.

If you are an intermediate speaker, you don't need to take another English learning course. You don't need to move to a foreign country. And you don't need to spend a lot of time on grammar.

You need to use your English in a natural way. And that is what To Fluency Program shows you.

Sign up if you are ready to make actual progress. And please share this with anyone you think would benefit from it.

See you inside!

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1st video coming Monday! Click the link to sign up...

(A free video series for intermediate English learners wanting to reach a high level in the next 12 months)
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