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Not set in stone and not jumping on the bandwagon but...a day or 2 ago I mentioned in a chat about maybe ,eventually doing a DU version of BSC in either black chrome or red..but I'm not sure if it ever will get done. It's not as simple as redirecting hex to a Arcus friendly code but maybe one day Android or TE or Arcus will have the ability to tint the same way I can achieve in PhotoShop where chrome still shows through.
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Are you talking about putting the logo behind the icons just like in the picture?
+Shanesaw New not sure yet honestly. In a way I think it looks good BUT.. it's not my logo,kinda overkill and in a way not a desirable image ratio.. the actual action icons are not the size I think they should be but much larger and they overtake the logo.

The idea is not to just change colors but give a DU look/feel.
Make sense?
+Jay Rod​ I know what you are trying to say and tbh at first I wasn't feeling it but I think it could be a cool thing if you get it worked out right. The ratio and the color contrast would be the two biggest factors to pulling it off I think. I'm in no way meaning anything negative at all and I'm no designer but I think I've got enough of an eye to give helpful feedback if/when it's needed/wanted. Definitely like where your head is at on it.
This is like what I did years ago when I made a bad luck Brian theme and hid it in an aroma zip for a theme I did in my samscum days
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