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Jay “Dark Side” Rod

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Just because
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I sent you that other pic in hangouts, +Jay Rod​​​
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Jay “Dark Side” Rod

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Jay “Dark Side” Rod

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According to Facebook, I posted this 5 years ago. Still relevant.
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The "X" Betty White is making with the light sabers indicates she will die in 10 years. We have 5 more years. Or the release of a new Half-Life / Portals game in 2022. 
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Jay “Dark Side” Rod

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Jay “Dark Side” Rod

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Nice to see all these articles of designers etc on thecyberfire blog.
Way to go +Travis Hall​
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Jay “Dark Side” Rod

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porn is better than watching a bunch of man in tiers run around chasing layu witch that everyone knows they will never get it she's giving it to her brother so yes porn better you get to be with however you want in your mind no chasing no trouble just a sticky ending
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Jay “Dark Side” Rod

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Building Vermillion ontop of BSC.. New Dialer buttons.
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Jay “Dark Side” Rod

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Dude, I love your icons! I'm using cr red & cr blue - best ones out of the entire playstore - sorry I can't buy your other ones - Obamaphone y'know.
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