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How in the world did this come out so well??
This is amazing. How did you take it with all the moving people?
+Momin Qamar Sheikh I believe the way the software works is it takes many smaller pictures, then stitches them together. that way it's a still shot of each section, hence the people are still clear. If anyone else is more knowledgeable in the subject, I'll happily eat my words,
That's the way normal panorama mode works, but this was taken with Google's photo sphere on a nexus 4. It's basically about 5 stills stitched together. I have a panorama mode shot but it's much blurrier because it's stitching so many more shots. 
This is witchcraft. Where are the mal-aligned stitches? Are you telling us you used Photo Sphere without some sort of sorcery?
It's dark so they're hard to notice, but they're there. The picture at 2 o clock is blurry.

I think I caught the pictures at 12, 11, and 1 first, then filled in the rest after. 
I think this is the best one I've seen so far in regards to the multitude of people. However you did it, it's awesome!
I'm just surprised at how in focus everything is... even if I hold my breath and go slowly, panoramas are in focus on the very left hand side where the picture starts but everything else is out of focus :/

I've resorted to simply taking numerous individual shots and using autostitch on my PC to make the panorama.

I don't know if the nexus4 is supposed to be constantly re-focusing as you go from left to right capturing the panorama or not but from the looks of it, mine doesn't.
In my limited experience, it is like taking video.  Some people are more stable than others.  Same applies here.  One of those street performers that acts like a statue would be amazing at this.  I'm okay - most of my pics are pretty clear, but I'm sure others are better.  The best you can do is position your body so you can move the phone with minimal movement.  Just try not to shake ore move fast!
Yeah. It takes some practice, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to take pictures at concerts. This scene was especially well lit. 
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