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Spring is pothole season. Be sure to have your alignment checked.
#alignment #tires #springservice
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A customer came in today and said that their A/C was not cooling very well. WE found that the cabin air filter was plugged with dirt and debris. We replaced the cabin air filter and now the air flow is great and the A/C is ice cold! Let us check your cabin air filter, they need to be replaced every year or 15,000 miles!

#A/C #conditioning #cabinairfilter
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Automotive maintenance saves you .10 cents a mile! We have been providing top notch maintenance in the area for over 9 years! Let us help you keep your vehicle in top running condition.

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We are replacing brakes today on a Dodge pickup. We have been providing top notch brake work in the area for over 9 years!

#brakes #brakerepair
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