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I believe marketing encompasses (almost) everything a law firm does—what problems it addresses, how it solves them, what it costs, who it recruits, and how it is promoted. An outsider’s perspective, void of internal politics, can be a game changer. Meet today's law firm marketing consultant "specialists" in this post from the Virtual Marketing Officer...
October is “just around the corner,” which signals that wonderful month of the year when you are asked to prepare next year’s marketing budget. No such luck as a blank check. The temptation to proc...
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Leader, innovator, writer, and publisher. Marketing communications + content and strategy development.
Seeing the big picture. Analyzing the best parts. Writing. Editing.
B2B content marketing strategist and writer, specializing in professional services marketing with a sub specialty in law.
I am a content strategist and writer, focused primarily on law and law firm marketing. March 2015 will mark my 20th year working with law firms including roles as a director of marketing, chief marketing officer, and since 2008, an outside marketing consultant, writer, teacher, and speaker.

Over the years I have shepherded law firms and lawyers in the adoption of social content, search optimization tactics, blogging, social networking, email, websites, and analytics.

In addition ghostwriting three legal/business books and dozens upon dozens of articles for attorney authors and pages of website content for law firms, in 2010 I launched my own publishing company, Antaeus Books. My company edits, designs, publishes, and distributes business oriented books and literary fiction and non-fiction.
Bragging rights
Author of "social.lawyers: Transforming Business Development," WEST 2010, a definative text on the future of social media for law firm communications and the 2008 groundbreaking white paper for the Legal Marketing Association, "Humans Seek Connection."
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