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Nail Art and Beauty Blogger at Cosmetic Proof
Nail Art and Beauty Blogger at Cosmetic Proof


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NAILS | Black and White
I always feel like I need a pick me up in the middle of the week regardless of whether I'm working a "true week" of Monday to Friday or something more random. I think I am happiest when I am able to have two new manis a week since I tend to get bored quite ...

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BEAUTY TOOLS | Beauty Bigbang Unicorn Makeup Brush Set
Guess what? These brushes are made with REAL unicorn hair! Yeah, no. As much as we want "real" ingredients in our food and beauty products, I actually prefer synthetic bristles to actual brush hair just because I feel they are a bit lower maintenance in ter...

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NAILS | Drippy, Trippy Neons #ManiMonday
I love summer brights, but I don't often wear neons because some can be fairly high maintenance when it comes to making them look good. I don't believe in wearing a white base to enhance a neon's intensity and a neon formula can be tricky with many applying...

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SKINCARE | Nannette de Gaspe Face Youth Revealed Dry Sheet Mask
The packaging is what got me to pick up the Nannette de Gaspe Face Masque . I was in the skincare section of Holt Renfrew on my lunch break (NEVER a good idea) and saw what looked like pieces of art, but lo and behold it was a DRY SHEET MASK. The first I ha...

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NAILS | Running 'Round in Circles
The quickest cheat to livening up any manicure is to use some form of a stud or sequin. They are fast and easy to apply and can last the length of your manicure if applied correctly and sealed in with top coat. You guys all know that Born Pretty is my jam w...

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MAKEUP LOOK | mark. Havana Sol Collection "You CAN Pull Off Blue!"
I haven't posted nearly as many summer looks this season and I have to kick myself a lot of the time because there are some collections that I am definitely discovering far too late like the mark. Havana Sol Collection ! Not only do the bath and body produc...

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HAIR | Live Clean Biotin Extra Body Shampoo and Conditioner
This did not work for me. Normally, we all save our blogs to usually write about things we love and adore, but this is something that I tried so hard to love because why? It seemed to literally work for everyone else. I adore Live Clean products and their b...

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NAILS | Flower, Flowers, Flowers #ManiMonday
I know I have done a fair number of flower manicures this summer, but it's sort of my cheat way of using multiple colours when I can't decide on just one or two shades which happens more often than you would think! Oftentimes, I just have handfuls of polish...

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BEAUTY | Summer Beauty with Rexall #SummerProofBeauty
This is a long awaited weekend as we have been very short-staffed at work which means I have been banking some very long days. Thank God things will be somewhat back to normal next week, but I feel absolutely spent. Normally, I would have headed outside to ...

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BEAUTY TOOLS | The Brush Bar and Brush Board Review and Giveaway!
I hate cleaning my makeup brushes and I know I'm not alone in that. The thing is, once I get going, I love seeing the water go from cream/pink to clear and I love seeing my brushes go back to their creamy shade of white. Though I generally lay them flat to ...
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