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Jayne K.
Music promoter; writer; 3d artist; graphic designer.
Music promoter; writer; 3d artist; graphic designer.


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Bewitching Art
Bewitching Art

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'Love and Peace' in rainbow colours on ladies t-shirt.

#Rainbow #T-shirt #Wales

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New venture just started, slowly rolling it out publicly. I've worked so hard getting these designs together, up till 5am most mornings for the past couple of months.

Colourful and sometimes quirky designs on cushions and t-shirts.

#Wales #GraphicDesign #GraphicArt #T-shirts #merchandise #cushions #homeware

More lovely words, this time from Welsh rock band The Starling Radicals:

“Jayne at JD Music is our mascot. A diligent and tenacious vanguard for our name and brand, amongst a swarming din of needles in needlestacks. Always personable; ever amiable; patient, cool and connected; we have known her almost as long as we have been a band, and the service she and JD have provided has been exemplary – not to mention the wealth of helpful advice and friendly contact we have received, on top of the regular airtime and glowing reviews attributable to JD’s reliable influence. If ever The Starling Radicals had a mother figure, it’s her.”

#Wales   #Rock   #RockBand   #GuitarMusic   #MusicPromotion  

Lots of plans ... proposals written and emails drafted in readiness. Preparation is key!

#preparation   #musicpromotion   #promotemusic   #musictherapy   #guitarmusic   #Wales  

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‘Using the power of music as a power of good.’ - that's the strapline for Guitars 4 Good ( which is a not for profit project which will operate through contributions and proceeds from fundraising gigs and the sale of in-kind donations such as CDs.

The aim of the project is to help children with cancer in various ways, such as with ‘goody bags’/gifts and ‘music as therapy’ sessions by way of acoustic performances by singer/guitarists on paediatric oncology wards.

The photo collage shows the lovely feedback on Facebook and Twitter for the first gifts I sent out in the name of Guitars 4 Good - I paid for the gifts myself until Guitars 4 Good gets some funding.

#ChildhoodCancer   #CancerAwareness   #DoGood   #Charity  

Awesome new testimonial this time from Llanell's Beyond The Break:

“Being in a band is about a group of people being creative and committing to that creativity and each other. Outside of that band unit, it's a different world altogether. Jayne from the start has been committed to supporting us and working to get our music heard. To date we have received airplay on over 100 stations and are receiving great feedback due to these listenings. Honesty and integrity aren't words normally associated with the music industry but they are words you can associate to Jayne.”

#grungerock   #grunge   #musicpromotion   #Ethics   #honesty   #Wales   #Welsh  

Latest testimonial is from Llanelli rock band VoiD:

“Jayne and JD Music Promotions have been a Godsend...As a band, we had just recorded and released our 3rd album. We'd had a full Radio and PR campaign finish and our budget had dried up. When we spoke to Jayne, she was keen to take on the mantle and push for more airplay for the band, which she did with aplomb. Jayne garnered airplay from all the over the world for us and we couldn't be happier with the job she did for us.”

#Llanelli   #Wales   #RockMusic   #IndieMusic   #MusicPromotion  

Another new testimonial, this is from rock band Static Fires:
Static Fires, UK.

"When we first decided to start working with Jayne we really weren’t sure what to expect. We thought, maybe, we’d get heard by a few more people, maybe a radio station or two, something along those lines. Well, a live radio interview and session, our first review of our debut EP, and over a hundred different radio plays later, it’s fair to say JD Music Promotion has gone above and beyond our expectation. What amazed us the most is how they were able to promote us not just in the UK, but abroad also! The best part is just how friendly the whole process is! We were occasionally asked to give details or extra information for things, but it always felt like a friend was trying to do you a favour! We have loved our time working with them and we will definitely be coming back for more!"

#indierock   #indiemusic   #rock   #guitarmusic   #Wales  
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