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Jaynae Miller
"The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy" by J.M. Miller
"The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy" by J.M. Miller

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As I near the end of The Saga of Thranduil (Book II), I prepare for The Epic of Eryn Galen (Book I). Though not yet as Thranduil's last battle awaits at Dol Guldur. It is another long chapter (as most battles are) and the story of the Woodland Realm has only just begun. #Thranduil. #TolkienFanFiction. Trust me. This (currently) 500 page story has only just begun.

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The Last Day of 2016. Looking back, I have so much to be grateful for and a lot to look forward to.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for reading and thanks for following. May your days be merry and bright and may 2017 be filled with joy and gladness with family and friends.
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To better explain The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy...
Book I: From the Sundering to the birth of Thranduil--Orothôn and Oropher's stories. Book II: Thranduil's story. Book III: Legolas' story. Currently outlining the chapters of Book I and Book III as I finish Book II.
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The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy Milestone: Book II: The Saga of Thranduil reaches 500 pages. 79 of them belong to the extended version. The Original Version is 421 pages long. 9 Chapters left to go in the complete story of Thranduil, Elvenking of the Woodland Realm. #Thranduil. #FanFiction. #Mirkwood. #amwriting.

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"As we began to become further lost in each other’s arms, the world was ours again until there came a knock.

“Perhaps we say nothing, they will leave,” I said, as the knocking startled Isílriel and she began to cry.

Êlúriel started laughing as she rose, covered herself and went to Isílriel’s cradle.

“Enter,” I said, covering myself completely with our bedding.

“I hope I did not disturb you,” Fëaluin said.

“Never,” I said from beneath my covers. “You could never do such a thing, Fëaluin.”

I felt the cool air hit my face as my sanctuary was discovered by a very curious little elf.

“Ada, are you hiding,” Legolas asked. “From Nana?”

“No, Legolas,” I said pulling the cover back over my head. “I was thinking.”

“About what,” he asked pulling the covers back again.

“Legolas,” I began.

“Is Isílriel old enough to play now,” he asked.

“It will be some time before then,” Êlúriel answered. “Now leave your father alone.”

“It is time to rise, Thranduil,” Fëaluin said. “Time for council.”

Legolas crawled onto the bed and sat on my chest, leaned over and looked me straight in my face.

“You and Nana stay too long in bed, Ada,” he said. “Are you ill?”

“Yes,” I said. “Very much so.”

“Thranduil,” Êlúriel scolded. “Do not lie to your son.”

“Come, Legolas,” Fëaluin said, smiling at me. “Your brother and cousins await you for breakfast.”

Legolas climbed down and ran out our chamber doors.

“Ill,” Fëaluin asked. “I have never heard anyone call it by that name before.”--Excerpt from Chapter XVIII: Return to Shadow (Extended Version). #Thranduil. #FanFiction. #Mirkwood.

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The Unofficial Official Announcement: The New Book III.
The old Book III: To Eryn Lasgalen was 14 chapters--far too short. Since 360 pages (and 21 chapters) were done on Book II: The Saga of Thranduil, it seemed a better idea to add the 14 Chapters to Book II. Since the old Book III was a continuation of Thranduil's life, adding the 14 remaining chapters would make Book II the COMPLETE life of Thranduil from his earliest memories to the end of his time. Legolas, being the fourth generation (and third royal) of the family that will begin in Book I, his story made more sense to add as the end of the Trilogy. There will be TONS of overlapping but that is okay as the reasoning for the change was to be able to "annotate" the entire trilogy from the bibliography that will be in its Appendix to include every volume of Tolkien used in the writing of The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm. As of right now, it's not on Amazon--people keep asking. I just started this last year. It could be awhile though the new Book II is nearing completion. #Thranduil. #Legolas. #Fanfiction. #WoodlandRealm.

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UPDATE: Book II: The Saga of Thranduil gets Larger. Well, since Book III: To Eryn Lasgalen was short too short (13 chapters), I added it to Book II (which was completed with its original 21 chapters). So, now Book II will be 34 Chapters long. Book III will become "The Last Tale of Legolas Lasgalen, Prince of Mirkwood and be extended. I won't make that change online. Just on paper. Online would make it way too complicated as TKWR Trilogy has 9 Tumblrs and 5 Pinterest Boards. Also, I wanted to keep the tradition of "The..." in Tolkien--I kept everything else as much as humanly possible. So Book I: The History of Eryn Galen, Book II: The Saga of Thranduil and Book III: The Last Tale of Legolas Lasgalen.
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