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My mind has just been blown.
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Almost accurate. The thought of Dexter doing his sister is very unpleasant x(
Arrg... I must be old... that show just isn't funny to me.
looking at the big bang theory right now and just saw dexters laboratory my insides hurt from lol
I don't remember the two characters on the left at all
The Dexter's Laboratory cover was made as a parody of The Big Bang Theory.
It is one of those shows that is just perfectly balanced. From the writing of the characters down to the episode length. BBT I am referring to of course!
takisha: What a strange comment...
Dan: Thanks for the update, wasn't sure who was doing who.
Holy.... This has 200+es thank you all so much....
Christina B - Yeah, he is like Arnold J Rimmer meets Spock/Data with a hint of Dr Evil.
Wow... that was a nice 'wtf experience'.
Wow! If I had watched either of these shows I might be amazed!
Wow - one really lame show has copied another lame show. What will they think of next?

I know - evil Wil Wheaton can make an animated appearance on Dexter's Laboratory!
The two characters on the left were from the Dungeons and Dragons Episode
Wooooow....I have to go and watch every single episode again!
Sage K.
wow. that is really surprised.
that's just great,just great but still lol
+S. Rogers Re "just found out Shameless was a remake of a Irish TV show" - No! It's a remake of an English TV show. How did you "just" find out? Was it the mention in the opening credits of every episode ? The closing credits ? The countless mentions when Willam Macy was interviewed on TV when he mentioned it? Or all the mentions on all the websites that ever talked about the show? How could you not have known yet? #HeadInSandMuch? By the way, the first season they were using adapted scripts from the original. Now they've gone off on their own path, and I for one think it's worse for it.
2 awsom shows alike....but lenord dates penny and dee is dexters sister........big dif
............... bu bu but.........They... look the..... S A M E!!!!! 'O' Gasp
O M G!!!!! That's awesome
Dexter can't be Leonard. Or Dee Dee can't be Penny. That would make Leonard and Penny related.
the two shows do mesh together quite well ...... im blown away too .. great share
Haha Brittany awesome catch!! I only know this cause my little cousin watches it.....i swear!
somebody made dat up.....when has dexter ever wore a brown coat????
One is for Kids.. and the other is for adults who are kids at heart... NICE !!!!
the two are not even remotely similar. dexter is a child who lives with his parents and sister, he doesn't wear those clothes, who are those two people on the left, etc. this is just kind of stupid.
If you like Dexter's Laboratory, try Cow and Chicken (also from Genndy Tartakov) for surreal humour.
+sharang misri When Dexter goes to school he doesn't wear his lab coat. I can't remember for sure but I think he does wear a brown coat outside of his lab...
Dexter's Lab has new characters since back in the day lol...
I can't believe how many people see these pictures and actually think The Big Bang Theory copied Dexter's Laboratory. If anything the show Dexter copied Dexters lab. OMFG They have the same name! Mind blown.

EIther way this is super funny. :)
lol i love the big bang theory but now it got more epic.
except that none of them are parallels. Dexter's sister is Dede, Leonard wants to fuck Penny. There is only a parallel there if you are an incestuous freak. The rest, i really cant be fucked to explain why they don't work...
wow wat a combination...
Hilarious. Totally forgot about Dexter's laboratory! No wonder why I love Big Bang Theory.
the similarities are striking!
dudeeeee. it's not even close. they are not the same. pfffff
I guess the only difference is that one of these is actually funny.
Big bang theory sucks balls. Ill take Dexter any day

Orange and Apple ..!
but nic pic :D
Everyone keeps implying dexter is banging his sister?
That's because they are supposed to.
i mean blown... which came first?
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