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So excited to announce the second big release of Hangouts. Proud to work on my team of awesome designers who made this happen =).

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Recently I had the pleasure of working with +Patrick Wong and +Caio Tenca on the nifty Draw Hangouts App. Check it out for a guaranteed way to bring hilarity into any Hangout =).
Hello G+!

We are happy to announce a new Hangout app that allows you add drawings on your friend's faces (and your own if you really want) inside a Hangouts video call.  With Draw, you can draw your own effects (like mustaches!) with our pencil and eraser tool or choose from one of our preset stamps.   This has been a personal 20% project +Caio Tenca, +Jay Wong, +Kevin Schmidt and myself have been work on for the last few months and we are looking forward to seeing your in-hangout creations!

Look for Draw under the list of featured Hangout apps or by simply going to:

A special thanks to +XTRAPOP  for the amazing set of stamps!

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Lindy in the park dancing =)

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Google recently had a women's techmaker summit which I was so lucky to be involved with! I am so lucky to work at such an amazing company! =)
Video: Women Techmakers: Make your passion.
#wtm   #developers   #womentechmakers  

Last month 11,000 technical women attended 125 events across 52 countries to build greater visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

Today we're excited to debut a video featuring innovative women leaders who share their personal stories, solutions, and impact on the technology industry. 

Learn more about the Women Techmakers program at and join our Google+ community at

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My day at the Huntington with +Matthew Levine and my lovely cousin +Trina Teoh!
Day at the Huntington
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+Matthew Levine and +Eric Levine e pretending to be brothers

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Most amazing and seamless auto awesome ever of +AJ Asver!
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Yay! officially acquired.

Achievement unlocked.
Expanding the availability of custom URLs

Custom URLs are short, easy to remember web addresses that link directly to your Google+ profile or page (like or They make it easier for you to connect with others, as well as promote your content, and today we're significantly expanding their availability to people and pages on Google+.

If your profile meets the following criteria, you’ll now be able to claim a custom URL:
- Has a profile photo, and
- Has at least 10 followers, and
- Has an account that's at least 30 days old

Meanwhile, any brand or business that has a linked website or is a verified local business can claim a custom URL for their Google+ page. Link and verification info is available in the Google+ Help Center:

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, just visit your profile or page to begin the claiming process. If you don't see the option yet, don't worry: we're expanding availability throughout the week, and you'll see the in-product notice as soon as your custom URL is ready.

We hope that custom URLs will help  you more easily promote your content on Google+, whether it be new photo collections, Hangouts On Air, or an interesting series of posts.  For ideas on how to include custom URLs in your campaigns, ad creatives and more, visit our help center: 


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+Grayson Lang thank you for my companion cube coaster v2. #ilovemyengineers

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some awesome UI concepts in this futuristic world presented by microsoft!
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