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At her recent show in DC, Lauryn Hill gave what seems to be a preview of a new song, "Fearless Vampire Killer"...if you're willing to form an opinion based on this concert clip, what do you think?
New Lauryn HIll "Fearless Vampire Killer" (VIDEO). Some live concert footage from Washington DC of the new song Lauryn Hill has been performing recently, "Fearless Vampire Killer."...
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even the slightest hint of the return of Lauryn Hill is a welcomed occurrence. this is much more than that. i didnt know she had anything in the works. aside from the spoken word sequence in the beginning there isnt much to it once it hits the monotony of the hook. that said i really want to hear what this actually sounds like. i didnt read the post but maybe this is simply a sneak peak. either way...bring her on.
Actually if she had said "I am Lauren and your history" that would have been the best thing ever. The live mix is mush, but its sounds pretty good …. "She getting her groove back/ the female Three stacks"
really hard to tell with this small sample and bad sound quality but I definitely liked enough to want to hear more
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