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Jay Smooth

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A video for Walter Scott: "Why Do They Never Try to Save Them?"
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+Jay Smooth - PREACH and Enlightened my brother. Nicely said.
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Jay Smooth

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NEW VIDEO: Why Kendrick Lamar is right. Even though he's kind of wrong.
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This should have been called "Jay Smooth on Kendrick and respectability politics…sort of."

I am a big fan of you Jay, and for the most part you're on point in this re how Kendrick is wrong (not kind of wrong). But it’s not about needing Kendrick or any rappers or artists we admire to be our saviours. It’s about not perpetuating lateral violence by publically shaming and victim blaming community. Respectability politics is lateral violence in so many ways, and this is the perfect example. Kendrick is still dope no doubt, but still needs to be checked. Would have been great to hear you go in more about respectability politics, how it  =s violence and why people need to check that noise at the door.
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Jay Smooth

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NEW VIDEO: "The Three Lessons Every Young Activist Should Learn From Hip-Hop"
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Re-add that Dilla Dust! :D
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Jay Smooth

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"Facing Race, Because..."

How would you finish this sentence? Do you believe we still need to talk about race in 2014? Or is race no longer the major issue it once was?
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Mark k
Race and color will always be an issue. One man or woman's actions will always condemn the rest of their race to the person offended. Hell, Adams and Eves actions condemned us all to God. What makes anyone think they can stop it. You don't have to like it, but its there, and will never change until all lands unite and we somehow all become the same color. At that point it will be a sex war. Men VS Women, it is what it is. All you can do is protect yourself and your own. Your kidding yourself if you think it will ever go away.
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Jay Smooth

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So yeah, do we still use this?
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ben hz
sort of partially...
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Jay Smooth

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How the Media Fails at Covering Race.

Important concepts for anyone who cares about racial justice. For more  check the full research paper from Race Forward at:
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Soooo digging this. Thank you for the resource info.
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Jay Smooth

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NEW VIDEO, just in time for your next visit to Starbucks. On why race conversations are like crappy autotune pop songs.
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+Jay Smooth Darren Wilson is a god damned American hero and inspiration. That baboon is where he belongs. 

You will never have a beer with Darren "Pulling the trigger on a no good n*gger" Wilson 

You will never eat a cheeseburger with Darren "Putting the Boot to the Spook" Wilson

You will never hunt apes with Darren "the n*gger scarin" Wilson not having a beer with Darren "nuke the spooks like we did the gooks" Wilson

You will never enjoy a nice dingleberry breakfast with Darren "The Chimp Wrangler" Wilson 

You will never order a pizza and watch Band of Brothers with Officer Darren "rounds deployed ta every groid" Wilson. ): 

You will never pee in public Darren "The Quick Trigger for the Guilty n*gger" Wilson 

You will never get ice cream and ride the Space Mountain at Disneyland with Officer Darren "hootin' tootin' jiggaboo shootin'" Wilson 

You will never wrestle shirtless with Officer Darren "Selling One Way Tickets to Guilty Mooncrickets" Wilson. 

You will never be able to go on vacation with Darren "I go Rambo on the Sambo" Wilson. 

You will never meet another hero like Darren "I got some shine on my shoe" Wilson.

You will never share a plate of wings and pitchers of beer after a range day with Officer Darren "Killing More Spades than Goddamn AIDS" Wilson. 

You will never smoke a cigar with Darren 'clearing the smog that is the golliwog' Wilson 

You will never go fishing and drinking with Officer "Emptying Clips at Banjo Lips" Wilson

You will never be sippin' some ripple at the holiday inn at a hotel party with eight shawties and rub their nipples when they call me Mr. Wiggles no stop til it tickles and they mouth dribbles while the ass jiggles and she licks our biddles with Darren "ready and rarin' n*gger scarin' jungle tearin' fair and square devil may care wing and a prayer he gets off fair" Wilson
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New video, On Whiteness and Goodness in the Oscars.
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Well said!
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Jay Smooth

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On Ferguson, Riots, and Human Limits.
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guy yak
nearly brilliant ¦ thx ||
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Jay Smooth

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The List of Rules for Women
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+Alina Stette
You sound like a real misandrist bitch
Rape culture? You mean like the false rape story at Rolling Stone?
Or how about the other false rape story at Duke University?
You don't care what false accusations do to men...... Go phuk yourself
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Three Things About The Donald Sterling Tape

Do racist words matter more than racist actions?
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+Aaron Gibson WOW after reading your juvenile attempt to interpret what happened here i feel better about my personal racism and bigotry not to mention my disdain for others like yourself.
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Jay Smooth

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"Nobody's more gangsta than the LGBT community. If Rick Ross knew the history of the Gay Rights movement, he'd be pretending to be gay."
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