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Striving to be a man of gallantry and taste
Striving to be a man of gallantry and taste


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When I look at Google+, I'm surprised it doesn't have more traction. It's a good product but doesn't have the audience. Instead we go try to setup Mastodon accounts. 🤔

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For over a year I've been working on this idea of tracking the most important thing I could do each day, but it never stuck with me. Finally two weeks ago I made a revision that is sticking, but also having a huge impact on my productivity and outlook.

I had to bind the human aspect, giving myself permission to be merely human and not try to be superhuman. This meant acknowledging I need to enjoy what I do and not just grind away.
Get the Best Start
Get the Best Start

It's amazing how easy it is to completely forget about the existence of Google+, even though I quite like the format and the capabilities.

(I still am a bit annoyed that it apparently emailed people posts I put up, with the "Send email" box unchecked)

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I was inspired to write this post not from the dangers of ignoring research in environments, but thinking about previous people I've worked with that were underperformers and then changed companies and became very good (not top, but at least average or above).

Since the Coding War Games in the late 80s, we've known that environment matters a lot. I'm really, genuinely concerned that the growing trend away from workplace "ownership" is hurting us, and further increasing the cost and gap of innovation.

Open Floorplans are the tech world's "No Child Left Behind" policy.

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I launched my new site at, which uses +Squarespace. It's gone really well, but there is a very weird feeling of "letting go" when it comes to not hosting a site myself.

I pride myself on my technical abilities, but as I move more into writing and focusing on specific products, the idea of hosting and running a site as well as handling the design seems silly. There are some things that would be easier by hand, but all in all they've done a great job making it easy to create a very nice looking site that is easy to update. I'm still going to blog at my old site, but that will be more thoughts/rough drafts and this will become more actionable items that hopefully become more backed by science.

Feeling very good!

Working on a new post, "Don't love your job, just enjoy your work". I'm finding it to be increasingly evident to hear people talk about pursuing their passions, like it should be easy every day. They hold up Confucius as a modern-day mascot of meaningful work.

"Choose a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

The best things I've done have been inordinately difficult. They have definitely counted as work. I read about Flow, this state of mental acuity brought about by focus. A lot of what I do that sucks doesn't bring me into a state of Flow. I often times can't wait to do something else but I know I need to get a task done to advance further.

I'm supposed to be doing some UI work today. I don't really want to do it and while I'm doing it won't enjoy it. There will be no Flow. But I'll do it anyway because I actively pursue ways to push my job further.

If I'm not working, the love for my job will die out.

I just finished reading APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur) and it was suggested to use Google+ as a blogging platform.

This is because it allows long-form posting, solid link and image support, and has a pretty vibrant community. I haven't been very attentive to the G+ community, as it's seemed good for people who worked for Google or photographers. Only one of those is a good reason for me to ever login and check.

I think I have, however, been giving it an unfair label. I haven't explored much on Google+ so it should be obvious I don't know anything about it. I think that there is something to writing shorter thoughts out that aren't full posts, so I'm going to attempt to keep up on it more.

And also, if you are publishing an eBook or regular book, check out the APE book. It's a great resource.  Looking at you, +Ron Coscorrosa.

The APE book:

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Having another day where I realize how lucky I've been when I've been blessed to hang out with awesome individuals, and then worrying how many times I've overlooked equally awesome people.

My analytic mind tries to solve this, but I haven't been successful yet. This is another approach, I hope to be more successful.

Seems a bit morbid, but it's for a good cause.

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Water stone brace. Ready to sharpen!
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