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Hello nerdy friends! I've come to visit you here in Google+

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Every time I come on here the UI is different. Google is trying too hard.

can anybody please send me a Quora invite?

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First Jobs, now Ritchie. We need to start cloning.

Some people talk, while some people do. Guess which one you are?

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The world as Americans see it ;)

Metro Traffic Live! v2.0 is out!

New Features:

★ NEW Push Notification - Know instantly when traffic conditions change. You configure which areas you want to watch!

★ NEW Twitter/Facebook integration - You can now see MMDA & SkyWay related tweets with the new built in Twitter client. This lets you talk directly with @MMDA and get personal traffic updates!

★ New Feedback email which allows you to send comments/bug reports directly to the developer.

★ UI Tweaks and several bug fixes

Check it out!

they say practice makes perfect.. but nobody's perfect.. so why practice?

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I know most of you will be able to relate to this.
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