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What does it take to get a winning shot?
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What does it take to get that fantastic photograph? Please share your experience with others.

For us, the answer to that depends upon the location you are trying to photograph. Here is +Varina Patel doing what she does best - going over and beyond to get that shot. We spend more than 45 minutes in the freezing cold water in between rain showers to get a single shot of Punch Bowl Falls. On the other hand my Finding Neverland shot was taken while sipping champagne on a boat:

Enjoy & Share.
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So many beautiful outdoor places in that state. Jealous!
I was on a mucky shoreline. Where it was lined with inches of deep black mud. I stayed out of it not to get my shoes covered. Then I saw him, walking through the muck, as he scouted his next shot. Wearing the proper mud rain boots he was able to go where I could not. He got his camera and shot till after sunset. As he walked past me I asked to see what he got. It was nice! My next photo gear purchase mud/rain boots!
Is the log blocking the falls still there?
+John Tupper We had neoprene water shoe...but they only went up couple of inches above your ankle.
+Ray Perkins No...It washed away. When I first went there few years ago it was still there and could not photograph this magnificent location.
Sweet, I can't wait to go back. I will put that on my short list. That whole Eagle Creek hike is amazing. If you ever want to shooting in this area, just ping me.
may i borrow your camera!?
+Jay Patel Yes agree, I think being ridiculous, when the sinner passing. Is NO. It reassures me. Thank you. Nice picture.
I can take +Varina Patel With you in my circle? For see his work.
When I had my jeep and my dog, we use to go to places like this in California. I don't have those special times anymore and they are missed beyond words. Thank you for sharing.
LOL!!! It's not always easy to get that perfect shot from just the right angle, the right light & all!!! <3
that's one dedicated photographer!
We have lots of such places in Iran, I invite you to come and see...
sorry you come and see chennai a beautiful place dude
Jay, you do have some hip waders on order for her birthday, right?
Taking a photo of someone taking a photo...photoception?
Just makes me uncomfortable taking my camera in a stream like that (or around water in general).
ummmmmmmm................. beautiful location
so nice place and beautiful
oh what a beautiful place
that is a real need for a lovely photo.
its pretty cool but what is she tryin to get a picture of
i bet that was i wet day but you must of got some really good pics:)
+Jay Patel That is a brillant shot of +Varina Patel showing us how it's done...

To answer your question: "What does it take to get that fantastic photograph?"

Seldom, when everything is right... the light, your positioning and the angle the image appears effortlessly, so much so that all one has to do is hit the clicker (post camera setting) and the image is made, as we all know...
Then there are times, more often than not, when one has to imagine what they want the image to be and act accordingly that is when you make an image that stands-out. I am particularly proud of one such image I took in 2010 during a couple photo-shoot. At the park in Leicester, UK, next to a stream, stood a tall tree and on one of the branches stood me looking down at the couple which ended in me taking this...
It may not be done perfectly technically, but, I love the emotion in it... and what is photography if it doesn't make the viewer emotional? :-)

PS: Love your images...
Nice pic. But may be she forgot the zooming.
is this a male or a female?
Compliments for all images.
To do this I climbed on top of the tower bell, and my colleagues at the observatory love it so much... (but not public on 500px...)
When I open 500px account the first shot that people loved was this and was just a test outside the home...
While for this I was a couple of hours on mountain with snow and T=-7[°C].
I think the best photo comes out from 30% lucky, 30% technics, 30% passion/abnegation, 5% madness 5% money.
The important is always do the best you can with the hardware you have.
Nice Photography Friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
A driven passion for the image you want to capture and the ability to try to get it. Effort yields results always....whether good or bad, it's what keeps us interested as photogs...and what inables us to hone our eye, which creates those once in a lifetime moments where nature, humility and a sense of purpose come together....Or at least that is how I see and feel it!
i like the sites like that <3
I just love your photo "Finding Neverland." How cold was that water +Varina Patel was standing in. What kind of rain gear do you use? Wet socks? I have to believe when you two go out on photography adventures, you have to be well prepared for any change in weather. I watched Varina's video about what she packs in her camera bag (a lot of lens cloths), but besides a hat and rain jacket, I didn't see any other inclement weather gear.
one can see the pebbles under water what a great snap!
sorry but it looks cold and he is still wearing shoes. never:)
+Jonathan Hahl We almost always carry Rain Pants and Rain Jacket. Underneath our jacket we put on a fleece or down jacket for warmth. Although this is not shown in Varina's video it always comes with us...most of the time while we are hiking it stays in the backpack. We will also wear a fleece pants if we do lot of standing around in very cold weather.

Hope this helps.
Great question!! For me it's persistence!! I once sat in the St. Louis Arena one day for over 18 hours for the US Figure Skating Nationals when they turned the blowers on and it was VERY cold, as in the fingers were frozen!!. The pairs practiced late and it was about 1 am the following morning when I saw Inoue and Baldwin land the throw triple axle! It was incredible to be there and I got the shot before any of the pros! 3 spectators plus the coach witnessed the event!!
your photos inspire me sir!just someone who loves photography but doesn't have the talent or means!:(
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