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Photography How To: What NOT to include in your composition

When taking a photograph we pay often pay attention to the elements that we plan NOT to include in our composition. Here is an article that describes how I arrived at the composition of the photograph from the Hoh Rainforest below:

Enjoy & Share.
When you are composing a photograph, have you ever wondered what elements to include and what to leave out? Varina and I think as much about the areas we don't want to include as we do about the m...
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Really great little tutorial, the final horizontal image has all the elements you need without the clutter. Great work, as usual.
love to take photos but am not good at it!
This reminds me of a favorite musician that suddenly one year sounded much better but I couldn't figure out why and exactly what had changed. A couple of years later I heard him explain in an interview that he learned "it's the space between and the note you don't play".
+James Lucas Nice analogy!! It is an easy concept but when we are photographing we are so focused on what to photograph that we dont always think about what NOT to photograph.
Thank you for the teaching tip. Love your photo! Allan
This simpleton has had the same problem he did with sky over exposure. Thanks for the tip on how to get rid of it. This photo would be absolutely killer in 3D because 3D brings put so many of the nuances of foliage. Get out your old school red-blue colored 3D glasses and check this slideshow out for proof of my contention -
Simple concept but really difficult to master. Gorgeous comp & the long haired moss is icing on the cake!
To heart, to hear the whisper of the forest
Avoid including the bright cloudless sky is the mantra :)
+Sumit Sen While that is true for this particular is not for the post titled "Once were Giants": The tip is think about things that you DONT want in your photos.....and find ways to avoid them.
+Jay Patel I am sure that is the case but I fight with so many of my shots taken rather carelessly and showing the flare that for me it is like taping a sticker on my camera on things to avoid. There was actually a stage as a photog in which I had a sticker taped - it read "don't cut off legs" of mammals :)) It is true! :)
+Sumit Sen While taking landscape photographs you have a bit more time than shooting wildlife. :-)))
Thanks Jay, I appreciate the lesson, and the shot :)
Great post +Jay Patel +Varina Patel Really drives home the message of the importance of thought and story behind the composition. 'Romancing the site'...
+Jay Patel I can't take credit for it but its something I try to remember as we design people spaces. A professor from Cal Poly Pomona drilled this concept home during our design classes (now I have to go look up his name). The importance of taking all the elements in at a pace dictated by the landscape - not by our drive to get to the solution quickly.
Great article & beautiful photos. I would love to see what incredible shots you would take around our neck of the woods!
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