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Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest: 50 Finalists

These photograph classified into the five categories which include The Natural World, Americana, People, Travel and Altered Images. Photos were selected based on technical quality, clarity and composition, a flair for the unexpected and the ability to capture a picture-perfect moment.

Enjoy and Share.
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I went to the link and checked out the others. I liked them all except #8. It seemed like an average shot to me.

The little girl who's looking into the window to supposedly see her brother is just staring at, from what I can tell, painted plywood. My guess is that she's just bored and climbing and they tried to romanticize it a bit by saying, "Looking for her big brother."

Even if you take, "ok, maybe she's not looking for her brother but it's a nice notion," then it still seems like an average shot to me - like a parent just taking a picture of their kids.

The rest of the shots are really good, though. I liked them a lot.
waoooooooooooo nice??????
Images of interest..
Some beautiful photos but also some decidedly ordinary ones. I can't quite understand what some of these are doing in here, especially when selected from 67'059 other images... The girl in the baseball photo's been discussed, I've seen many similar shots of Brooklyn Bridge, the dog in no. 10 seems out of focus around the eyes which I don't like, 99c Dreams I don't really get at all, Someone please explain The Flower Girl to me... The only thing I that really strikes me is that some of these have a sort of Time-Life feel, but haven't we moved on from that already?
These 50 photos are all beautiful and mesmerizing. How lucky we are to have such creative and talented people in this world.
Yeah! I got this too from a blog site called the Big Picture that takes it's photos from the Boston Globe! Great stuff!
Next year, I've promised myself I'll be entering this.
Get down man! Every once in a while some of the shots we civilians take catch the light and angle just right and with the proper framing are as good as what the professionals come up with!
Stunning photo. I just love pictures of nature. Very majestic as only nature can be.
Wonderfull ! Nice picture so good image!! 
+Charles Brooks Judges are just like you and me...they all have their likes and dislikes. While the clarity and beauty captured in this images speak for still reflects the likes and dislikes of the judges which may or may not be the same as your or mine or even majority of the viewers.
If there is a more flawless picture than this, than i can't wait to see it.
The Big Picture via the Boston Globe hookup has the best collection of full page color photos I have yet to find!
+Jay Patel I couldn't agree more. Photography is an art and art is a very personal and subjective matter. +Charles Brooks I am the photographer that took Image #10 (Nebraska Ranch Dog). I appreciate your feedback. I've grown a lot as a photographer since I captured this image last April. This was actually shot with my old Canon 50D (gasp!). Today I have better equipment and a lot more experience, but I still look at that image and wouldn't change a thing about it. Sometimes that feeling you get in your gut when you see an image overrides any perceived "flaws" it might have.
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