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Storm @ Grand Prismatic, Yellowstone National Park
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Yellowstone is magnificent....and my first visit was in in 2005. I visited the park twice that year in different times of the year to capture it in different conditions. It also allowed me to see the park under different seasons and different weather conditions.

How was this photograph created?
This photograph is all about waiting...Waiting for the light to fall at the right place. While photographing Grand Prismatic I noticed that when the sun broke through the clouds it backlit the mist creating a superb contrast against the dark storm clouds. I caught this photograph at the time that the mist from Grand Prismatic was back lit by the sun. This is a single image processed twice and blended together using manual blending techniques.

Enjoy & Share.
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Splendid, It's a "live"photo!! Congratulations.
Perfect picture , beautiful
awesome great SHOT that is beautiful
+Janet Chong I have some other photos where the light is not falling on the foreground. I will post that for comparison when I get them out of the archive. Thanks for the comment.
I've been here to! Super amazing place and one of the wonders of the world. Beautiful!!!!!!
I love the fractal nature of the foreground. Great work +Jay Patel
Taht is Amasing!!!!!
I was there last year this time, what a great place. Got some nice pics as well. Nice job +Jay Patel
Lija N
love the color and textures
That's awesome photography right there!
I'm gonna be a photographer when I grow up!
yea do you know what would make it even more beautiful is all of the bison and animals there in their home
Love Yellowstone! I go there so often... I love it there. Bonita!
Might have just put this on my desktop. Thanks!
Well whatever it is, it works for me :)
1.cover your mouth with your hand
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1.cover your mouth with your hand
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This sounds so wrong but that volcano under there is gonna blow soon I hope I am alive to witness it ....even though it will be a ELE
On top of a Super Volcano. Awesome stuff. 
Like some alien landscape. Or my comb-over on a hot day.
this picture makes really want to travel the 54 national parks also impossible or legitimate to do?
Beautiful pic in a beautiful Yellowstone with its geysers and hot springs...
Bev S
Jay, I do not know you, but Google Plus recommended you as a person I might like to add to one of my circles. I think your landscape and nature photography is stunning. You surely do get around. I have been to a few of these places, but not most of them. You certainly captured the spirit of the places I know and inspire me with the wonder that awaits should I ever make it out to the others.
Amazingly charged picture, almost alien landscape. Thanks for sharing.
I've been there but you made it looks so much more amazing!
Gorgeous. If only my art skills would improve a little more then I could sketch it. 
Yellowstone is awesome lots of wild life and some of the holes there looks like it could go all the way to the other side of the earth great place to visit
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only time I was there was also 2005, in July. got some awesome photos but how could you not ? tremendous, unique scenery.
Very True. YellowStone is beautiful no matter what. 
we will try that without the cam's lds...nice
really nice place for vacation in the summer it's hotttt!!!!
I have the park many times and I've never seen anything like this!!!!! This picture is beautiful.
I grew up near Yellowstone. How can I order a print?
My memories of Yellowstone are of camping in 13 degree weather! 
that's a awesome pic of yellowstone :)
I've always wondered what was the source of the geysers.
You see the most amazing views, what a fantastic picture....
+Jay Patel in my point of view and also thinking a "live photo" is a kind of photo so well shot and developed that are giving to the audience the clear sensation to be in the same moment when the scene of the photo is shot. Well done congratulations!!!
Beautiful landscape. Really nice work... and reflections!
I love your better...tahnks
Dogal güzelligin yansıtılması ve sunulması bambaşka ... Sanatçılık Buna derler ...
holly asomness that is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
so nice place i want to go there
In case you weren't aware, I think Fairy Falls trail about two miles down the road is a great way to see this hot spring!  If you go back, you should give it a whirl!!  You'll have to shimmy up a hill with no path, but you can get a view from above of the spring.  It is gorgeous and such incredible vibrant colors.
Love your photos by the way!
+Mitchell Prout I have been there and on the hill. Sure there are great views...but the place I want to photograph this is from an airplane looking straight down. :-)))
Very true, but I think it loses some of its grandeur from aerial photos.... Only my opinion.  After seeing this, as well as all your other photos, I certainly can't argue with your ability to capture awesome in a photo!
I'd still want to come along with you to see it from above!!!! Haha
How do you +mention someone in a post like you did to me so it would show up in notifications... sorry i'm still learning this...
+Mitchell Prout Yes...You can get +Colby Brown Books for G+ and it will explain how to get started. 

I think the composition and colors from directly above are more grand for a place like Yellowstone than while looking at an angle. I have photos from the hills seen in this photograph as well as the hill behind me. Nothing compares to the aerial shot.
Yellowstone is pretty amazing, can't argue with you there.  If someone as well traveled, experienced, and as talanted as you says so, then I need to get in a plane!
Love your photos.  I'm a big fan.
the photos always impressive love your work.
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