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High Dynamic Range images (HDR): Love it? Hate it?

The fact of the matter is that it is here to stay and in long run will revolutionize the digital photography as we know it. While It is true that HDR can be used to produce artistic images (with saturated colors and surrealistic textures), it can be used to create scene that closely resemble what you can see with your eyes. +Varina Patel and I use our iHDR workflow (manual blending technique) to recreate nature like the scene from Glacier National Park seen in the image below.

If you want to see before and after image of the photo below check out the video at:

I have arranged my ablum so that the first 30 images were created using our iHDR workflow.

Enjoy & Share.
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it is hard to understand how is possible to make photos that like better than nature
I'd love to see the original single image capture of that first photo. I haven't played with HDR before, but that looks like a really well considered / thought through edit and has caught my interest!
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+Jay Patel I have always longed for the day that the world of HDR finally shifts to the point where it is being used to create natural looking images of scenes. That day has moved a little closer today
stunningly beautiful, very well worked!
+ChrisD Maskell There are few photographer who use Photoshop Layers and Mask to recreate nature for last few years...but requires slightly different techniques than the automated tools for tone mapping.
+Jay Patel I like HDR and use it a lot but like you, don't want to see countless images that have been obviously run through the current vogue tonemapping package. I like people to have to guess if it is HDR or not
I love to see a well-processed photo of any variety. When HDR is used for what it's purpose is, like you explained, bringing it closer to what our own eyes can capture, then it's quite beautiful indeed.
Wow. Thats What I Call Beautiful
+ChrisD Maskell I will post an thread on it...It has been done before on other photography forums. :-)))
amazing shot. all things good.
amazing pictures. so great.
I'm with +ChrisD Maskell. You have used your HDR powers for good, not evil. Stunning and realistic-looking landcapes! Well done.
Love that you've put into words a way that HDR might work for me. "... it can be used to create scene that closely resemble what you can see with your eyes." Thank you and thank you for your wonderful work (as always).
i like all of them. they are so beautiful
This is interesting. I've avoided HDR the whole time because I've failed to figure out how to make it realistic. I'm on board all the way with any type of training that will bring this realism to the forefront of HDR technique.
+Melissa Skorpil LOL!! Art is neither evil nor good...It is just ART. Using HDR as an art form can be just as beautiful...we use it for just different purpose. :-)))
that is good but i know you did not draw it or paint it and i am just saying and letting you know so dont get mad at me and you just jelous cause i am rich and i got 1 million dollars so yea and not trying to be maen but add more colors and maybe a sunrise hitting off the herizon
Lovely snaps,,love to watch !!!
Words do not describe your talent +Jay Patel .
Sit quietly and let the photos do the talking
Homa Kh
I'm enchanted by the sharpness and resolution of photos, they are so pure and sharp that make me think it's a planet rather than earth!!! beautiful.
wow i like this img very much
Breathtaking view ! Which part of the world is this?
+April Rodriguez you just need a digital camera on a tripod. Take a minimum of 3 shots at +/- 1 stop exposure. Then blend in Photoshop or a program like NIK HDR EFFEX or photomatix
All photo very nice ya.........
Beautiful view. Where is this place?
how nice that looks i wish i was there
I love HDR. It can make for some great images. But only when used like you have. To me it is a way to capture a image as I saw it with my own eyes. I use it a lot with cars to pull colors out of the paint which a single exposure simply cannot show off.
These are great they really take you away. They would make great backgrounds on my computer. :-)
These are absolutely beautiful! Great way to start a Monday.
thank you for the photos! so beautiful!
+Jay Patel >It is impossible to capture the details with a single shot with today's technology

Does that mean going from film to CCD chips forces a narrower range from light to dark that can't be avoided without appropriately applied HDR?
so beautiful, i don't know, hate or like it. but nature is always awesome.
awesome image. love the color of the red flowers against the background
HDR or not, they are stunning and well worth the processing - either the shot or digitally afterwards. I love SOOC but equally those enhanced to what I seen with my two eyes!!
Keep up the wonderful work!
it's very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can go a long way in tht lovely field and take my mind out of th stress and b thr wth my man for 6 months tht will b nice
awesome! picture collection! wonderful!
+Glen Schlueter the average exposure range in digital is 4EV, therefore it is possible to capture an image correctly in a single frame dependant on the range in the scene. Of course there is always the method we used to use for transparency film: graduated ND filters etc
+Jennifer Bailey I agree, it's not the process but the results.


'Realism' what ever that is, is only one way to judge a photograph, or any other work of art. Except for certain sub-specialities like photojournalism, a photographer should be able to use whatever tools and techniques he/she can muster to achieve or find a vision.

Art has always had a collection of 'schools' overlapping in time. Realism, the Hudson River school, Fauvism, Impressionism, Cubism all are different ways of expressing a visual representation of the artist's 'reality.'

Maybe photography has experienced this at a faster rate, since it's less than 200 years old, and the technology has moved from Niépce to Adobe. But painting has shown similar changes despite relatively stable technology.
Beautiful work! Thank-you for sharing your talent!
pleasant feels refreshing and lonely
Looks beautiful! What a gift nature had offered
Wow, is that paradise? How did you get there (and back!) ?
These photos are breathtaking, congrats on your talent. I love these views.
These are all so amazing. I completely stopped everything else I was doing to sit and soak these in. Thank you for sharing.
Did you actually take these pics ur self? u must have done alot of traveling!!!!
+ChrisD Maskell digital camera, take 3 shots at + / - 1 stop exposure, then blend with PhotoShop - gotta try this.
Pics beautiful
all your photos are awesome..
All u photos are beautifully created my friend keep up the good work.
Jay your work is out of this world! Beautiful... really takes me there.
As others have said, the whole set is just stunning, I've never tried HDR, but after seeing this set and reading about your technique, I'd like to try it out. Cheers :)
Sublime work Mr +Jay Patel !Thanx for sharing & wish you could share these in a zip downloadable format! would love to use one of your amazing work as a wallpaper in my phone :) Keep up the great work :)
HDR is done by darkening bright scenes and lightening dark scenes. It actually decreases the dynamic range of a picture. So why is it called high dynamic range? Beats me but wrong terms get used even if they're wrong if enough people do it.

This technique has been overused so much lately that it has become a cliché. Although it impresses non-photgraphers, HDR photos look so unreal and terribly compressed. However, use it if that's the effect you want.

I have to add that the same thing has happened in the music world. Pop music is compressed so that it will sound uniformly "loud" and get attention in the airwaves. Classical and other forms of music that utilize dynamic range as a form of expression don't resort to this aberration of good musical dynamics. So let it be the same for good photography.
THEY LOOK LIKE YOU CAN just jump into them !!! this guy who took them is a gr8 photagrapher !!!!!!!!!!!
I love the Pics the are soo BEAUTIFUL
wow ..lovely shots......!!!
Mavelas picture,it brings memories dat uve neva experience! 
I just adore nature brings out the best in me, its Beautiful pics!
what a photography........................ gr8 work.
wow!!!they all r so nice...
You know how to work it with HDR. Actually, you inspire me to start learning it which I disliked before based on works of others.
i know words do not desribe your talent i just dont like the first one but i do love the rest reat of them
Very Very beautiful
I can surely appreciate a well processed HDR when I take my photographer hat off. I wish though that HDR would stop getting classified as a form of photography. It's a computer generated image that started out life as a photograph but the end result is not anything that a camera is capable of capturing. Therefore, why continue to classify it as a photograph when such extreme ditigal enhancements have been used to completely reconstruct its appearance? 
The beauty of the crepuscular rays of sunlight is one of the most spectacular effects in photography
this is breath-taking. i will like u to come to Africa and explore Nigeria, you will be surprise at amazing breathing landscape you will find all over the country all year round. you are welcome.
Your HDRs are perfect. Great work!
These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! +Jay Patel may I use some of these as wallpaper for my laptop?
someone plz tell me that those are not real
a wonder of nature ----in photos for all earth humans-----
if it's like this on earth .... how it's going to be on haven
heavenly paradise isnt it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Nice picture there, i love it.
It's very beautiful.I'liked
I love it, in part because your eye and/or brain is "dynamic range." Although the colors tend to be less accurate, the ability to see bright and dark at once is more accurate.
+Jay Patel - The cover image to this album is so outrageously beautiful. Perfect moment, perfect everything. (the whole album is incredible but the cover is just insane!)
i love out door photos they just show all the nature colors i love it
hilarious scene of the nature.
Its very beautiful. Where persence heaven
yah i t is a cute picture and it can be a wallpapper pic:}}}}}
wow amazing fotos !!!!!!
I'm a landscape painter/photographer other things.
You may be interested in checking out Ivan Shishkin, a Russian landscape painter from about 1850-1925 and, in the opinion of many, is the finest landscape painter to ever swing a brush.

Let's stay in touch,
Doug Scott Ford
Love the way the sun comes out throught the clouds!
wow! I just woke up from that
Wow beautiful photography! How can I use these as wallpaper or slideshow? Outstanding!
This Picture Is So beautiful ,We Thank God For It Cause He Were The

One Who Made It PHYLLIS.
I like manual blending too when I need it, and I go for the natural looking results like this!
i like the picture they are very peaceful
Wow, beautiful. Did you do much photoshopping?
This looks like something from Avatar
Wow - havent you been to some gorgeous places - I hope you enjoyed every moment... The compositions are great!
these are all very beautiful! love them! :D
I didn't comment on the picture because they are all amazing :) just simply breathtaking. great work
One more thing... I think the way you use HDR is very nice... you use this tool to get closer to the representation of what your eyes saw. it's very easy to overdo it and abuse it... but you have the balance just perfect my friend :) great job
these are real; they look SO PERFECT!! Nice job!!!
Its so beautiful n pleasing to eye. thank u
Your photo album is one of the bests i have seen in here. Nice work!
These photos are incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos! :)
I'd like to draw something like that some day.....:[
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