Featured Photographer: +Vivienne Gucwa

+Vivienne Gucwa is a New York based Photographer/Writer who produces specializes in capturing images of cityscapes and the spirits of the inhabitants of New York City  

What I like about +Vivienne Gucwa photographs is that she defines her own distinct style. She is also one of the most interactive person I know on G+. I would highly recommend you check our her work. 

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"Sidewalk dream..."

Through each scattered urban landscape every sidewalk dream unfolds periphally as daily adventurers traverse the city full of promise and silent giddy trepidation.

It’s in the quiet still moments marked by emptiness, vast loneliness and encroaching solitude that these peripheral dreamscapes come into focus.

These moments, suspended in time, marinate in the severity of their potential to eventually etch themselves into the eternity of the mind.

The rest of time moves with the rapid ebb and flow of life like bits and pieces of paint on a wall chipping and peeling off, finally scattering like a discarded lover’s flower petals in the wind.


New York Photography: Street art.


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