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Reflections @ Beauty Creek, Canada
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I love reflections and on our visit to Jasper we got lots of chances to photograph these stunning reflections. The clouds were breaking up fast and we I took several shots with different composition to include reflections.

How was this image created?
This is a manually blended image using our iHDR workflow and a 3 stop Hard GND filter. The edge of the filter was aligned with the angle of the mountains. Because I wanted to see the reflections of the clouds, I did not use a circular polarizer. Overall exposure and processing was adjusted to be able to see the details in every part of the image...if you look closely you can see the under water and the reflections at the same time.

Now if only I can get rid of the ugly black border on a Portrait Format shots!!!

Enjoy & Share.
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Mary M
(✿◠‿◠) the color of the stones...Lovely!
Fantastic as usual :) Love your work Jay!
Beautiful photo and great process!
beutiful,yes.....but not a photograph, we need to have a better way to seperate the two. I just prefer To see what a person can capture with a single click and basic adjustments, whatever that means anymore. I like HDR I guess, Just think it's a couple steps past what photography is about. Lamenting, not ranting.....; )
+Courtney Tucker As much as I would also wish to build a house next to this spot it would ruin the scene. There is however a campground just half a mile or so behind me. :-)))
I love that sky, Jay. Really beautiful!
Superb shot +Jay Patel ! I love how the clouds and the reflected ones make the compoisition so interesting.
I agree with you about the black borders!
Check out my Reflection video on my profile.
Ke Zeng
Absolutely Gorgeous +Jay Patel ! A beautiful scene in the reflection and the nice foreground view!
breathtaking beautiful i am digging it....
Incredible composition, color and lines. Inspiring! I feel like painting it. I am an artist and would love to give it a shot. What do you say?
i brns my eye
becus it is so prity
Amazing +Jay Patel. Did you put the angle of the GND filter slightly above or slightly blow the line of the mountains, if that makes sense?
No one paints a picture like God can, and only he could arrange the eye-brain-perception and coordination so that we might see it. beautiful pic
+Jerry Johnson I dont remember...I adjust it so that I cant see the demarcation line (I am not able to tell where the filter is located). Further more the blending takes care of any slight discrepancies caused by the filter.
Thanks Jay! I haven't purchased a GND filter yet, but I have studied them a bit. :-)
God is my dearest friend and confident Kyukia
some day it will be my backyard, (when I'm not staying at the beach)
A beautiful color, a beautiful reflection, a beautiful picture.
pless get of my page richard branson
This is spectacular. I love the color contrast of the foreground to the receding background. 
that is really good on the refletion on the mountains
I love the reflection its awsome!
Lovely colours and composition +Jay Patel - the HDR work looks very natural. I blend manually using luminosity masks (see Tony Kuyper's website for more details -
cool and awesome and amaizing
shit i suck at typing
I love the clouds and its reflection forming a circle. It draws me into picture. Thanks for sharing.
Mike T.
Absolutely love this!
Stunning shot, just beautiful.
Breath taking, superb
OMG?? That's really pretty.. Sorry but that picture just made my day lol :)
Very nice. Like the orange rocks anchoring the photo!
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خلابة لدرجة تشعرك إنك فى عالم أخر
amazing colors........just love it!!!!!
Kon Son
How can I take the photo best?

hello ilike this photo like i reach in heaven
Here is an image I took in Jasper. I think using the polarizer in my image helps as it shows the rock bed in the lake. This is not an HDR nor a blend. It was processed from a single image and the colors are almost straight out of camera.
Literally took my breath away, this is so beautiful.
makes me wanna go there.. so great!

Overall rating
you can add a white boarder to your portrait photos. [ O ]
Heavy edit ... nature became un natural..... good scenes though....
These pictures make my day :-) .
todos debemos crear conciencia. este mundo es maravilloso con todo lo malo y lo bueno. tenemos que cuidarlo.cuidemos el medio ambiente
each new shot made me gasp.  I wanted to be there -- no, I wanted to BE the lake.  Thank you for the gift.
I would like to point out that there Creek is a Beauty. 
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