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When it Pours, Baume-les-Messieurs, France
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Baume-les-Messieurs is a commune in Jura district of France where this waterfall is located. When we arrived at this waterfall, it was at the height of spring and the extra water created a gorgeous view for us. The flow dries to just few trickle in the summer. 

Here is a free eBook about Photographing France by +Varina Patel

How was this photo created?
I took this shot on an overcast day using a polarizer. Even with an overcast lighting it is difficult to control the overexposure in the water. So, a single RAW image was processed twice to bring out the details in ever part of the image (merge was done using manual blending techniques). I choose simple composition to capture the entire waterfall.

#waterfallwednesday  curated by the talented +Eric Leslie 

Enjoy & Share.
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It looks completely natural as it would be to the eye. Not easy with waterfalls as I found out!
+Patrick Smith Waterfalls are particularly tricky when dealing with the varying amount of water flows.Thanks for the comment.
Wow, that is incredible Jay! A very unique waterfall!
+Eric Leslie This entire area lies at the edge of France Alps and contains numerous waterfalls. We were fortunate enough to get there when the flow was at its peak.

+Varina Patel has some photos of the same falls where the water just flow is just a trickle compared to what you see here. 
It is a great place to visit. Have been there couple of years ago.
Quelle belle photo! comme d'habitude quand il s'agit de Jay. Le Jura est très boisé, et l'hiver il y a toujours beaucoup de neige sur ses montagnes. J'habite en France, et même si j'aime la beauté d'autres pays, la France c'est vraiment très beau.
Masterful as always - and what a nice location as well!
+Sylvain Millier I am jealous...It is a gorgeous area of France. We loved the scenery in the area. 
I've been there many years ago (I'm french !), and your photo is very beautiful. I've downloaded your e-brook from France and it's great. Thanks for sharing !
+Maryse Grare You are very welcome. That reminds me, I should include a link to the eBook in the post. 
Don't be jealous +Jay Patel, there are great landscapes all around the world :) Even though I love my area !
+Sylvain Millier True that!! One place I could not find when I visited the area was Cascade De La Planches...I will have to come back just to photograph this. ;))
Just say me when you come next time, I know where it is, and we can go shoot together ;) You should also see those waterfall in winter, it's really great when they are freezed !
nature is the best thing human could ever have!:-)
oh,my I be right there  to  watch and listen to the water talk to us
That is so f##; cool reminds me of home Instead of being stuck in da city
Beautiful picture I'd love to go their but than again I'd love to be able to go anywhere, just to get away & dispear
is this a tree waterfall?? looks really cool!
great place for a Condo project ,,,,,lol
so beautiful.. i wish to see it live and live it
so beautiful i hope i will...........................
Looks so peaceful and romantic
i love nature so much and this is an amazing view i wish to see someday for real
nature its our beauty
Beautifully peaceful~ That would be amazing to see (and to have as a mural in the living room or bedroom!
beautiful.......beautiful......imagine just sitting by , bloking everything and just listen to the fall of water.........forget everything that's going on for a while........ sounds like Heaven to me the pic ......thank u 4 sharing :) ........
kei vel
i like water is very  beautiful
This waterfall is so beautiful and looks really relaxing
ray hab
r u kiddin me!!!!!!!..............amazing!!!!!!!
absoloutley extrodinarry! truley. . . it is! lol :)
Is God tallented in creating beautiful things or what!
Very PREEEEETTTTTTYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beautiful i want to go there some day
How marvelous God's creation. . .We just have to take care of them..But sad to say that a lot of monsters now are using those for the benefit of selfishness. . .
first time Iam seeing a fall so low... love it!!!
Spectacular photo!!
Dramatic soft falls Jay! Awesome!
apana panshet ka hai na..............
heart thnx 4 sending dis post
wow tht is a very nice pic nw i wanna get away
what an amazing waterfall... love how it fans out like a painter's brush.
+Jay Patel You seem to have mastered the light yet again. The cascading waterfall really draws you in. I also like how you haven't centred the waterfall in the frame. Great job.
+Evelyn De Roose Please explain yourself better - guess better be careful of people like u who show people how to cheat and lie! not ever a need for it as far as i'm concerned. and i was enjoying having u till now.
I think it is a work of art photographs only reason to visit here often as you Have new works
It almost looks as if the Water is is dancing down the Falls
this is the nature being enhanced by art. +Jay Patel i really commend  how you bring out the best of every picture you've got. This is the true beauty that we must appreciate, the picturesqueness that even our eyes couldn't perfectly capture.
wowwwwwww thats just wat u call beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful Photo, I like all photos.
where is this site?
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