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Incoming, Cannon Beach, Oregon
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I wanted to capture the textures of incoming wave on the Cannon Beach. After several attempts I succeed in getting a way just in perfect position to catch the action. The shot like this is all about details.

How was this photograph created?

I used a 0.9 GND filter to balance out the foreground and the sky. I knew that using a Hard stop 0.9 filter will silhouette the rocks at the Canon beach. The reason I made that choice is because the silhouetted rocks would stand out nicely against the dark sky and the textures and colors of the rocks is nothing spectacular to look at.

Catching the wave was harder then expected. I used a remote release and Liveview to preview the incoming way and tried to catch the one that left appropriate foreground with just the right amount of textures. The tripod was set low on the ground so that the textures in the wave be as close to the lens as possible. When capturing textures it is important to preview the image at 100% right after taking the shot.

Here is larger version of the wave front where you can see the details in the wave as it advances:

Enjoy & Share.
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Awesome shot and yes, those waves can be tough but you caught a great one! ;-)
wow! it looks like you did exactly what you set out to do
+Jay Patel what tripod do you use? mine cannot get very low and I regularly find that to be a problem. additionnaly it gets shaky when it is set up high ... so I'll probably invest in a new one some time soon :)
Gorgeous (as always, Jay, you really nailed this)!
I used to come here with my family every summer when we lived in Oregon. Has to be my favorite beach in the whole world!
+Sébastien Débia I use a Gitzo Mountaineering Series. It is very light...sometimes too light, but we need it keep it light due to all the hiking we do. You can get it with a short center column which will allow you to get only inches from the ground.

The model I use is no longer available...but they have a replacement.
Didn't you get back splash on your lens? How did you keep the lens dry?
+Jay Patel I need to know whether you were shooting Canon or Nikon at Canon beach to take this beautiful photo?? :-)
+Mark Esguerra It took me few tried to get one with the right composition.

+Heather Webb It is a fantastic place to shoot. The only thing I dont like about this beach is that it gets crowded in the tourist season....but with good comes bad. :-)))
+Donna Frasca The beach is very shallow and by the time the waves reach the camera they travelling on compacted sand...this create very little splash.
Which GND filter would you say is the one you use most of the time (0.3, 0.6, 0.9)? I'm not sure what the difference is.
I couldn't resist +Jay Patel! But the photo is beautiful regardless of which camera you used. :-)
+Wes Drey Depends upon the terrain. Most commonly used filter is soft 0.6 GND.
Lina L
Love it. I was there for the fireworks last year :-)
Fine shot, wonderful light and details of the waves, especially in the foreground. May I ask about the shutter speed and ISO-sensitivity?
Very nice texture and composition Jay. Great colors as well!
Great shot +Jay Patel - love the wave action. Enough blur to imply motion yet not so much that all the details are obliterated.
so pretty. i love any kind of pictures that involve water
You get the feeling of being there love it
wow that looks beautiful
I'm not a photographer and I always think some of the stuff you guys can come up with is just awesome. Thanks for sharing!
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Excellent! Cannon Beach is awesome too.
เห็นรูปนี้แล้ว อยากเที่ยวทะเลจัง
This is absolutely breath taking!
wonderful and amazing picture
Great shot, +Jay Patel . I love the motion and texture, that's hard to get together!
Very average shot compared to your other shots :(
v p-b
That's wonderful!!
Beautiful pic and thanks for sharing information that how u create this pic.
Wonderful. wonderful..Thanks jay patel..
Maravillosa, maravillosa .. Gracias Jay Patel ..
As always it's the wave of the sea oyvatillai joy into our lives to God and pray uninterruptedly surge very nice
It's clever how the wave goes back in to the sea like that. How did you make that happen?
Perfectly executed. Terrific shot!
Wish I was there at this exact moment!!!
I'm interested in knowing what was/were behind those incoming wave on the Cannon Beach that touched you? As far as I have been aware of, intending to capture something is just the presenting daily activity. If you could also detect what is/was behind, it could stay very deep inside yourself and that is going to reveal ultimately, the CORE SELF. Meaning that, the representation of those incoming waves in this episode will definitely assist you to know yourself much much better over a period of time. Such a proess is the "beginning step" of the INNER DIALOUGE with our INNER SELF.This inner self, most of the time is EMOTIONAL ORIENTED. "It" is in fact is MUCH MUCH,YOUNGER than our own current chorological age due to the downside of the "daily teaching" we have been receiving, ie to betray our own INNATE, SPIRITUAL TRUTH in order to be accepted in the man-made materialistic reality. If we could cultivate this "authentic" inner self first, gradually, the CORE SELF will come to contact with us if we diligently commit to connect with it consistently and in honesty. Soooner or later, we will be INSIDE OUT and finally become a HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL BEING that the Confucian Spirituality advocates.

Ching .
how amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you have fun shooting oregon? Love my state (except for all the rain!)
+Majeed Badizadegan You need rain to create the Rain forest around Mt. Hood...Where all the masterpieces are created.
Gosia C
omg soooooooo amazing this picture i love it
Oh, I love this shot, Jay. Marvelous! Would look good over my sofa!
Again you are successfully capture the ocean wave in your camera,very easily
u got jokes man please don't take this the wrong way but sound like a dude boy man. the ocean is a bountiful creation that God has made that changes ever day. thats a one time capture.....
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