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#AlbumTheme: Deserts

Have you tried viewing stars in a desert? In US arid desert climate combined with low light pollution makes deserts one of the best places to view the stars. Desert also offers fantastic geology for the photographers...from salt patterns at Badwater, to the hoodoos that resemble the famous Sphinx to the rocks that move on their own in a place called the Racetrack. And if you were to look look at the desert through your macro lens you may even see some small craters left behind by those few rain drops that happen to fall on the floor.

I have arranged first 15-20 images in my album to showcase the desert landscapes.

Enjoy & Share.
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Renklerin dansı ışıkların oyunu ve ıssızlığın gizemi
realy maazing pic
is spectacularly beautiful! It's art! beautifulll. like this....!!!!
so beautiful , It's a place I never imagined exists.
Khush N
really great. +Jay Patel you are my idol. Someday I hope to be able to capture a fraction of what you do. Thanks.
Yes!!! thumb up 4 ur photos, they are beautiful.

wow. sike im kidding it is wow lol
Beautiful and true.Spent 2 nights under the stars in Death Valley California, a few years back.There were more stars than sky.
Pam L.K
Great shots!! Thanks for sharing
ware u get this wall my dude
did you actually explore that beutiful place
Inspiring album +Jay Patel. Thanks for sharing, I'm sharing this further to spread the inspiration.
You are a very talented photographer. I am moved by your pictures. They are Gorgeous!!!!!Celestial!!!!! :)
this whole album is really something!!
absolutely brilliant.. loved the compositions. you have wonderful talent. keep posting more, it takes me away from the mundane :)
Keep sharing your inspirational work... I love Arizona! I have not seen all your work but when will you capture the beauty of the Caribbean.
Such beautiful photos - I don't want to rush through them!
Nice work, really. Live in the mountains in a desert region in Mexico. When I moved from New York City, the sky amazed me, still does.
I can remember a night spent camping in Death Valley. Seemed like a hundred times more stars than I usually see.
Looks like another hot one tommorrow...
U grt picz wr do u gt ahh???
One should see the stars in northern Minnesota. And the sunsets are glorious!~
Desert star-gazing is wonderful. Death Valley is great for this. Stunning.
simply amazing....
I love deserts, but your photos are a whole other level of beautiful. Makes me want to get out there.
Nunca, he tenido el privilegio de estar en el desierto, pero, gracias a esas bellas fotografías, me he sentido inspirada.
absolutamente extraordinarias tus fotografias, gracias por enviarmelas
Hey Jay... Hope you're well man. Always love your images and I'm always looking. :D
tus fotografias son toda una obra de arte maravillosa un poema a la naturaleza. GRACIAS POR COMPARTIRLAS CON EL MUNDO.
Thanks for sharing your work is just amazing! I try to capture sunsets with the Gateway Arch in it.
amazing quality and not blurry bits. well in mate
U wnt find better then this. . . Supperb . . 
Wow very nice pictures! I would like to be a photographer.
beautiful pictures, continue put more
thats a wonderful veiw. i would be all worn out walking up and down the big hill thing
+Natoya Rose So would I because it means that I would have to travel to New Zealand first. :-)))
spectacular!! I like the blue one best.
nice but you need a little budget for all this beautiful pics...
You are truly one with the universe...
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