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Google+: Make is Your Way

Here are some of the changes coming to Google+ Interface near you:

This is COOL...but you expect it when you are on G+!!!

Enjoy & Share.
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I've got the new UI and, unsurprisingly, it just feels busier. I don't know, maybe I'll get used to it but my first reaction is "too much noise".
+Thomas Paris I am still waiting for it. :-))) I will let you know if my impressions are the same.
AAAGGGH! This is AWESOME! I can't wait until this reaches me! Woot!
If only the page could be centered, I hate the left align on wide screen :/
Why my G+ still the old page?
I got that newUI, :)
cool, :D
can i invite my friend from fb...
On my opinion, the left align is better can be hide and do not waste the space of the screen.
I love the left side "App" design...Rest needs some serious work...including the stream design.
And... Back on my computer and the first thing I immediately see is that they've broken what is for me a very important feature. So important that I wonder if they use Google+ themselves. I can't easily see which posts I've already read. I used to use g+me for that but they broke it so I changed to plus minus but they've just broken this too :( Between that, the very busy interface and the step back with the lightbox, I'm beginning to really dislike google+.
Mantap bro fotonya, very funny.. :p
timeline G+..
Sama kaya timeline fb..
Bru upgrade kemaren..
What the........amazing.......very amazing
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