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Rivendale, Metlako Falls Oregon
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Metlako Falls always reminds me of the land of the Elves from Lord of the Rings...and why not? Oregon is beautiful!!. The falls are located on the Eagle Creek and the whole area is just breathtakingly beautiful. A must for every photographer who plans to visit Columbia River Gorge.

How was this photograph created?
I used rule of the thirds, a circular polarizer and the right light to create this photograph. The vibrant colors you see are result of circular polarizer combined with wet spring growth that leaves everything looking fress and green. The fact that sun was peaking slightly through the clouds created textures for this image.

We created a small on location video that +Varina Patel will share when we get a chance.

Enjoy and Share.
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+Tony Willenberg I love Columbia River Gorge...It is scene like this that makes this place look like paradise. :-)))
+Chris Griffiths I would recommend you put this on your bucket list if you have yet visited this location.
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the nature is there in this pic
It kinda sneaked in with the water works but worth it. I love the shot.
Wow beautiful!!! So unreal
dang... nice but too much fungus :"(
Uhmmm uhmmmmm uhmmm Perfect place for a nice meditation!! I close my eyes and I can hear the waterfall sound and birds singing woohooo I love it!!!
Stuff like that just has to make u think there is a god out there
Everyone knows that Rivendale is in New Zealand =;p
this is simply awesome..indeed how great thou art!
love your photo i could watch it every day the more i look the more i can hear the waterfall
This picture is a part of the TRUTH.
oh it is very niceplace
And people wonder why I don't want to move...
i love the waterfall but i am wondering if it is real or not but if it is then who ever took a picture of it then they did a great job. good for them whoever made this picture
This is such a beautiful picture of nature....are u a professional?? :D
omg that is beautiful and amazingly pretty
Oh! i wish to be there!
reminds me of Rivendell.
Just "Enjoy and Share"??? Goodness Gracious Me!!! Its immensely generous of you just to post this extraordinary photograph publicly. I'm at a loss for words (it happens rarely to me) to say something/anything about this work of art. And now I'll spend countless sleepless nights; so eagerly I'll await +Varina Patel's video. For the first time today I realize what a good thing I've done to include you +Jay Patel in my circle. I hope you wont mind if I take the liberty to include you in my Friends circle too. You have a superlative sense of aesthetics. Now I'll seriously await your posts the moment I enter g+.
So beautiful!!! That reminds me of Basin Bleu in Haiti :))))
sooooooooooooooooo nice
very nice toss a tone mapping algorithm into the mix for some interesting results it has all of the characteristics for a great hdr
Very nice . You captured the moment.
i really like that waterfall.(:
check out some of my photography
hello i am new to google+how is everyone doing.
i am in spencerport n.y. learning how to use a computor.
I would LOVE to be photographed near this waterfall! BEAUTIFUL!!
#Kendra_Leslie, Model
These are really gifts of Allah.We should be thankful.
The green & yellow saturation is perfect! well done with the blending! A beautiful image!
sad to say but it looks very digital to me
This looks like such a nice place to go and just clear your head love it...
that pic is sooooo pretty
One of my favorite place to hike! Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo....
I like it! Most of the pictures you see from Eagle creek are of Punchbowl. I need to do that hike again...
nothing in word 4 this photograph
i wish it could me plce in my home or society........./
Perfect exposure blending, with all the detail in both the vegetation and the falls retained. This looks very Hudson School. Thanks for sharing!
it does look like riverdale kind of from Lord of the Rings......
reminds me of Hawaii when we went hiking!
Good grief! Thats an expensive plumbing problem.
Hello Jay, I worked as an assistant for Las Vegas Pix and went on to become an apprentice photographer. I do like your work and have been doing some marketing work for people like yourself. If you ever feel like breaking into the Vegas market let me know. The great thing about Las Vegas is we get so many visitor's from every part of the globe. I might be able to help you. The art scene is really starting to explode down here.
amazing i like it very much
wat a cool shutter lock ;-)
You cant beat scenery with a load of greenery! Great shot :-)
it is beautiful post more it is a lovely place to look at when your home wishing u were there :)
that is such an awesome picture!
ali rox
natural iz alwz beautiful
Plenty of moss to enjoy for all you moss lovers out there too!
Glen B
Hey we're heading to Oregon this summer. Can you give me more specific coordinates, directions or the general area? I suppose I could also just Google Metlako Falls, Great image.
this is beautiful... a place I could sit all day and get lost in
Next big trip to Washington and Oregon. Beautiful!
Wow!!!! Great pic! I love it! A peace of heaven!
_ Kane
That is awesome place. I would like to live forever. I am a nature lover
I can feel the mist on my skin from here...Gorgeous shot!
I'll be visiting there next week and can't wait to see scenes like this.
that pic is so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!
Aw-some water fall !!!!!!!!!!
Looks like swallow falls in Llangollen, Wales to me !!! p.s What is the coke like in columbia?
I live in Oregon and the natural beauty that's here is amazing.
love it this is out of this world beautiful wish i could take a dip can't swim so willing to teach me just joking later guys
Zulma r
I love waterfalls! Beautiful....
Colors incredibly vibrant, exposure on the water perfect, and pin-sharp. Excellent, you two.
How do you make the waterfall like that!?
thats beautiful i hope i can go there one day
theres better ones ...!!
but still its ok with this one ....
Excellent. The use of shutter delay is well done!
you could just spend hours enjoying whispers of insects in sunny after noon
A little sample of a paradise from our lord
The Gr8 Beauty of Nature wow!! I Luv it
that looks like the place i went on holiday
i like your photo and is WOOOOOW
the scene in the video and this looks slightly different! nice touch there!
what a gr8 waterfall but there are more gr8ter one's here in nigeria. 
i used to live somewere like that
it's really a very nice pic,i really luv it.
Thats lovely would lovevto be there
God is Wonderful!!!
hi Madeleine do you know Rudy flores
my God and his creations are simply marvelous.....
That's a beautiful shot of the waterfall. Love it.
Thats Beautiful .
What a beautiful scene! I would love to be here!
remember for every waterfalls there is a pot full of water day in and day out. I lived there 8 years and I left so it is beautiful but just to visit.
more than amazing. it looks like a "milkfalls!" ha ha so of such in our Kenya.
I can stare at this and drift into another world. :)
JP Lang
+Jay Patel is that whole series of 188 photos from the state of Oregon?
this is nature and this is what i,am albout, love it
me facinaron estas fotografias jay patel eres sorprendente
The waterfall looks fake, but I know it's not. Lord, you are amazing!
God's work,this makes us see how little we are able to ceate our self.
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