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Smokies, Smoky Mountain National Park, TN
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Smoky mountains gets their name from the blue haze caused by the moisture in the air that hang around them. The best time to witness this blue haze it during sunrise or sunset. Low angle of sun brings out the textures in the ridges making them appear like a bad photoshop job...but they are very real.

How was this photograph created?
This photo was taken during sunrise using a soft GND Filter. The exposure was balance to be able to see the details in the sky as well as the various layers in the mountains. The pastel colors and even tones make for a good desktop background. You can download a larger version from:

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beautiful! love the layers and colors!
Love the way the seemingly two dimensional layers give it great depth :) Beautiful!
Beautiful color, beautiful picture.
Serene and beautiful! Lovely!
It really does look like that! Great job capturing it. Sometimes i wish i could pluck the these colors right out of the sky for my palette!
Ke Zeng
Nice spectrum from hills to sky!
what I like about this photo. I can stare at it at a very long time.
My mom use to take beutiful pictures like that.
These days how do we know? To me Photoshopping nature is like plastic plants.
when you look at this picture make's you think who was the real artist behind this
The Smoky Mountains are smoky because of turpentine boiled out of the pine trees by the sun. Tree air pollution created by solar power. It's green, folks!
¡yo también! Yo realmente no hablan español-Estoy en el traductor de google lol
+Jay Patel, your photo is spectacular! This is one of my favorite parks to explore and photograph. I've been going there for years and I can never get enough!
I love the Smokies! Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are two of my favorite towns to visit. So many things to do. Thanks for sharing the photo.
+Jill Saur It is the most visited part in the US....Glad you enjoyed the photo.
+Theo Von Druessel Thanks...I did not know that.
+David Collin You dont....but the beauty of the photography is that you can experience reality that few other will get a chance to see.
I live there.....always have, always will
Wonderful photo with a good nudge in the right direction. HDR just isn't the sole answer! Thanks for sharing!
خیلی زیباست . امیدوارم که موفق باشید .
Beautiful work!
The colors are sensational..
I always enjoy to see your photos. Thank you so much for positive mood that you give every time
This is very pretty and looks so BEAUTIFUl
i say wow i want to cry i want to draw like that
This shot reminds me of what they say about Haiti.....beyond the mountains there are mountains
Executed perfectly, beautiful shot!

Could you share this location and/or others?
Headed to the area and looking for mountain top sunrise locations with intermediate hikes.

Thank you!
Stunning view!
Looks magical.
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