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Cold Fire, Yellowstone National Park, WY

I have visited Norris Geyser basin three times and all three time I have run into thunderstorm. This thunderstorm caught us off guard and moved in on us rather fast. This time around, we have 6 kids with us...and as we were running back to the shelter. As we ran past the Pearl Spring, I had to stop and photograph this beautiful blue glow set against the back drop of setting sun and approaching storm. Due to proximity of the lighting, I only had enough time to take one shot. While I took this shot Varina ran ahead with the kids to the shelter.

I caught up with them and it started to hail just as we reached the shelter. Next day, we went to Norris Geyer basin...and ran into another thunderstorm. :-))
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Great shot and a perfect example of how bad weather is often a blessing to a photographer. Way more interesting than a clear blue sky!
Wonderful image. I've been to Norris a half dozen times and I think it has stormed each time for me too, but I've never come away with a shot like this.
Love the atmosphere/mood you have captured here.
Great conditions captured here Jay.
Incredible picture ... incredible timing!
Jay this is just wonderful, the color here really hits the viewer!
looks like the world is burning on the other side..Yellowstone is truly an incredible place
Great shot Jay - bad weather really is fantastic for creating stunning landscapes.
+Philippe Sainte-Laudy - +Varina Patel and I just got back from Yellowstone. You are welcome to come anytime you want..but the best time to access this is early summer (Mid June). The place is breath taking...I will post some more images from the Hotstpings when I get time...The colors of these hot spring in mid afternoon are BRILLIANT!!
You make me dream Jay! and sometimes dreams come true. I believe!
Yes show us other images, we are ready ;-)
Warning!! We don't want pictures as nice as this one! You have pressure on your shoulders my friend ;-)
Jeez Jay, that spot of blue is something special! When are you guys coming up to the Canadian Rockies again?
Due to the color contrasts, this is one of my favorite of yours, Jay! The blues is so delicate and I find that my eyes always end up in the blue pool. Fantastic work.
+Mike Isaak Thanks Mike. I am not sure when we will make it again to the Canada. We have a workshop in Glacier National Park and a trip to Iceland soon after.
+Jay Patel Hmm, I was actually thinking about heading to Glacier National Park sometime soon.
Glacier is fantastic!! Off course so are the Canadian Rockies. :-))
wow ... this is amazing work. love this one :)
+Patrick Wilken Thanks...I take it as a complement. :-))) Feel free to ask any question. We have regular have discussion about photography on G+ so feel free to join in.
What fish can I catch from this blue pool
simply gorgeous and scary
is that water???
Hey bro..awesme clicks...plz can u mail me these piks..??
very rare photo,Nature has ever given to photographer.
Hi Jay! Unbelievable photos! ..great
This look amazing like out of this world Patel is truley gifted
Oh wow. This is incredible. The colors of the spring to the naked eye look like that? I gotta visit this place. 
This is beautiful even though you were in a hurry perfect shot!
its one of the most... i... i just cant... WOW!!!
wow, looks like a humble place, so quite, tranquil, yet so beautiful, feels like it speaks to you, and the blue water i see right in the middle. would love to visit a place like this in the winter and be a able to stay for a few days and wake up to this breathtaking place
ray hab
this is my favorite picture ever
oh my goodness its beautiful i like the blue in the water!
phootgraphy is when u take a picture on your camera some people do it as there job
I really want to do some tracking n' photo in Yellowstone Park.
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