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How to compose a photo using Leading Lines
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Besides nature, man is responsible for creating elements that can be used a a leading line in your photograph (as seen the he image below). Leading lines dont always have to continuous...our mind can merge the disjointed parts of river to create a leading line. The example in my gallery below show leading lines that are curved, parallel, diagonal, warpped around an object (Image Title: Silent Motion) , mirror images (one in the sky other on the beach - Title: Kealia Beach) and sometimes lines don't lead at all...but form an entire image itself (Image Title: Distortions).

First 15-20 images in my gallery are arranged to showcase the use of leading lines in photographs.

Enjoy & Share.
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Great photographs to celebrate Earth Day
Thank you very much! Just a pleasure to learn tips like this from you! +1111 8-))
that would be a really cool place for beginner mountain bikers!!! i wish i was there.
Incredible work man. Very impressed.
Should one look through a red glass at a white lily, you would seem to see a red lily. But there would be no red lily. So it is always our problem we see false mental picture and we conclude wrongly what we have seen. But your photo indeed brings the elements out plainly. The vivid color exposes our senses clearly distortion is only in the eyes and mind of the beholder. In images leading lines give borderline reality one can comprehend in photography and sensory imagery.
Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful images with us. I am in awe the the entire collection. I only hope to be able to learn to capture such images. Thanks +Jay Patel :)
me parece muy interesante y gratificante poder captar todos los colores de la naturaleza y conservarlos allí para recrearnos ...
+Jay Patel , you are soooooooo talented! Many people on this planet have a hard times seeing the striking and subtle beauty in nature itself. What you do is to facilitate that process with your work. You are nature's diplomat.
+Michael Comia Thanks....I dont know about being a diplomat, but I do love being outside in nature. It is therapeutic!!
Great collection makes me want to get out and go for a hike (Bush walk in Australian lingo)
I wasn't really keen on photos of scenery before, then I saw your photos, WOW they are breathtaking, they capture the beauty of everything. Thank you so much for sharing.
Chris S
Beautiful photos, Jay. Thank you for sharing!
I enjoy a lot your pictures, thank you for sharing, it's beautiful work!
sorry on this one g+ blows fb away!
Excellent photography or art work! Now put them on a site where I can buy them framed with wood.
Great pics i have never seen such beauty ,mother Earth is so beautiful why are pple destroying her
Holy crap your photography is insane. Almost every photo has flow, composition, and energy that define a truly talented image maker! I will share.
i love the pics they r soo beautiful :)
excellent point, which your photos express in stunning fashion
Hey Jay, thanks for this ... I enjoy photography, and I like to learn little tidbits like this with the wonderful examples you have. Thank you for posting them!!
very nice, I'll be thinking more about this technique next time I take some photos +Alex Leonard you'd be interesting in this too
Mind blowing..................
I like it,not everyone can see this directly.thanks.
i like to stroll around in the trees just to appreciate what God has given us to enjoy in this busy stressful world.
gorgeous scenic view...marvelous
Remind me of Alaska.... :) good memories!
they're beautiful. You are doing a good thing, catching some of the beauty in a world that is lacking the same, keep it up! :)
Great photos Jay. Now I must see all of them
Hi Jay Patel , You are amazing photographer . Great Job & keep it up..Thanks for sharing this ...
The real face of nature. That make somebody in peaceful.
wt a beautiful way.......
+Jay Patel this was a fine article thank you for sharing I always learn something daily from you
Great stuff Jay - you are a real talent Sir
its so pretty an album. Thank God for nature.
Awesome! 4 sure god is the creator, wats wonderful shot 
awesome photography man
keep it up
good luck
wow Beautifull................................................
really a beautiful as well as amazing job done
awesome, I've ever been in 1 of d'most amazing place!!
Some stunning photography, thanks for posting. 
Beautiful pictures and a good reminder about the lines. Thank you.
thank you very much for sharing again so wonderful pictures... i love nature <3
Your photos are magnificent! Is there somewhere that prints can be purchased? (though I would have a hard time choosing...)
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