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Once were Giants, Yoho National Park, Canada
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Forest fires dramatically alter the landscape and often leaves it unattractive to look at but often times they are necessary to bring about new life. On our last trip to Canada we got to try out our creative skills in a forest recently destroyed by a forest fire.

How was this photograph created?
This photograph was an exercise in learning to was a challenge to create something interesting from stand of dead unattractive trees. This photograph was taken with a wide angle lens with camera pointing straight up in middle of the afternoon (I think around 3:00 PM). I waited until the sun was covered up by the clouds and the clouds within the frame formed an interesting patterns. The distribution of the trees was selected to form a symmetrical pattern (as much as possible).

Feel free to share examples of creative photograph.

Enjoy and Share.
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Very neat shot! Great perspective.
my turn to say... masterful composition, thanks for sharing the tip!
Very pleasing results. Lovely example of creativity.
Delivered to the sky
+J. Rae Chipera Sorry...From now on I will post only crappy stuff until you get your work done. :-))) Hope article is coming along well.
This picture turned out very well! I like it alot! The trees lead you to the cloud formations!
Очень жаль что после пожара, представляю какая была красота, когда все это было зеленое.
تصویر خیلی زیباست .. مرسی
Lu Vi
Nice one
So beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
an amazing shot of the sky, and a very nice perspective i might add
what if your eye is light sensitive, how can you do it perfectly since the position is upright?
beautiful. And i know from experience that these apparently simple shots are surprisingly hard to make successful (interesting).
I enjoyed ur photo too,Josh Z...thank you for making it available for us to view too:-) 
look great!!!! it's 1 of my favourite  pic ....."good" is to small to say i have no words to say for this pic....
Looks like a scene from Twilight lol
Pretty good view and good job
Breathtaking photographs. Amazing work Mr. Patel. 
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