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#Albumtheme: How to photograph in harsh light?
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We landscape photographer often get jaded...all we want to do is look for perfect light and avoid taking photographs during midday. But if we take some time to notice we will find that beauty surrounds us at all times of the day. Here is an attempt to provide some inspiration as to what an be captured during midday in broad daylight. 

Sometimes taking a photo at midday is as easy as pointing the camera in the right direction as seen in this short video:

Feel free to share you examples of the photographs taken during the day. 

#mountainmonday  curated by +Michael Russell 

Enjoy & Share.
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Yes, +Jay Patel  harsh light will make it difficult, so you have to pay double the attention to composition, textures etc. Sometimes, going B&W helps with the often faded colors. 
Here are two example from Iceland, shot during the noon hours (view it full screen, as g+  thumbnail compression vandalized the image, especially the second one).


i wish i could have these kind of shots 
+Ulrich G. Wortmann Good work. B/W shot allow you to control the contrast at midday and make or some fantastic photos.
اولامبه چی یخ شی
I would like 4 one of those photo to be my screen saver
A wonderful creation by Allah...marvellous..!!!
Not exactly great production values here, but the point made about "reflective light" is spot on.  We just need to look at things around us differently in order to see them more clearly.
i really wouldnt even care if a stranger took me..... i just really want to go!!!!!!!!! lol
thank u hadil
what a nice comment
Even although I can see a bit of HDR in there, I'll say AWESOME pics.
the lake look so clean... I agree with Emi, the only thing left to say is wow
Hi , have u altered the colour.i absolutley love the pic .ill b off too the mountaints soon.
love the view and the executiin of the photo
Great shot.. That looks like a stop while driving up to Jasper from Banff on the icefields parkway. I have one very similar :-)
great really Really  Great
it looks lovely and light like wales only sunnier haha
I once make beautiful picture of goat in daylight. I take picture now replace photo of mother in law, goat photo much better looking. 
How amazing is that photo 
nhìn đẹp quá, ở đâu vậy?
Great pic... Love that place !! Have the same shot (but a bit crap...) 
Tera C
Photography is really a skill.Love this and thank you for sharing this.
Could you tell me how you edit photo's on here? I am also a young photographer and i used to use Picnik but now I cant and I need an editor.
I just wanted to let u know ur photography is absolutely breathtaking.
These Photos are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
feel more valuable to the nature ....thax friend...
Jay, I could spam your photos with 227 +1s, or I could just say "beautiful work and many thanks for posting" to the entire album. If I had all day to marvel at these, I would do so happily and click to my heart's content. My company, however, feels that I should do work, though. Sorry!
+Jeremy W LOL!! Thank you for NOT spamming me. I am just glad that you enjoy the photos. 
Great inspiration and examples to go off of!
so beautiful,just like nature them to much.!<3
I would love to fill some entire walls with landscape shots that spectacular.
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ARTISTIC... :) is it artificial?
Kore wa tottemo subarashii desu!!! Arigatoo gozaimasu for sharing this..
this picture is just beautiful and lovely to look at all day...
Steph K
Oh my god, that's so pretty.
Good stuff
So beautiful like a painture, what the really great multicolors!
Thanks for being one of those photographers that is educating people that yes, they can make photos during the day.  Thanks again for sharing your work with #mountainmonday!
One word,beaaaattttiiiiful
i think it is pretty and all but who has time to look through ALL 227 of them
Thanks for sharing so many informative posts.
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