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How do you teach your kids about photography?

Kids are incredibly creative by nature. They often see things differently than us. One of the best solutions for getting them started into photography is with GorillaPods from +JOBY. We gave each kid a GorillaPod and asked them to be creative. Here is what they came up with:

Here is another older article that explains how we teach our kids to shoot.

By the end of the day each of them had figured our how to use self timer to get sharp photos with low light in the woods.

Enjoy & Share.
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I don't have kids yet, but when I do, he or she will be coming out on gigs to learn.

I hope to get my nephew into photography if I can :-)
My daughter is only 1 and already has a sizeable portfolio on my cell phone. Sure, they're all accidentally taken by her, but it's a start. 
I don't have kids but I did try teaching my niece some things. Since she loves her iPhone I went the iPhoneography route, showing her how to compose and process with various apps. ;-)
All my kids (I have 4) have a camera. The two older ones (17 and 15) have a decent digi camera. My 5 year old has had one since he was 3  :) 
Jay, my 5 kids are all adults now but when they were young I always encouraged them to experiment with photography and they often spent time at my studio or in the darkroom with me as I got out print orders and I purchased several cameras as gifts for them over the years. I had always hoped it would spark an interest just like playing with my dad's Argus C-3 did so many years ago but it hasn't really happened, none chose to persue photography as a career or serious hobby. But I do notice they tend to be more critical of commercial and artistic photography and also have an eye for displaying images in their own homes.
My youngest daughter did very well with photography.  Her teacher in High School loved my old camera which she used to take the class with.  She still does photos for friends and such and was working at Picture People for a while and was their best photog!!
Jay, what type of camera do you recommend for kids? My son is asking for a camera for his 8th birthday next month and we are trying to find one that is easy to use and puts up with a fair amount of accidental abuse. Any suggestions? Thanks!
+Erik Stensland At that age get something that is rugged but yet gives control over some of the features. My daughter has an Olympus that can be submerged in water and is built like a tank. What I love about this camera is that it has video capabilities, panorama assist, a self timer, and exposure compensation and a histogram. My daughter can use all these features. 

By the they are 12-13 we teach them set exposure in manual mode and get them something that will have a manual mode in it. 
+Jennifer Paulk-McGinley My Iphone has a cover that is made by +JOBY...Why? because they make this small tripod that you can use with that cover in low light situations. I love taking iPhone photos. 
+Jay Patel, thank you! I'll check out the Olympus tank camera. That sounds perfect. :-)  Do you remember which model that might be?
+Erik Stensland It is was TG-320. 

+Jennifer Paulk-McGinley Yeah...I hear you. We often make teaching videos on location with our iPhone. Why? Because the quality is very good and we can alway use our headphone to get half decent sound. 
When we went on vacation this summer I let my kids (5 and 7) use my old digital camera.  Everything on the camera was in working order except the screen. It was such a surprise to come home and put the pictures on the computer and see what sorts of things they had taken pictures of;  our vacation through their eyes. My youngest had taken 12 pictures of my mom's dog! Maybe soon I need to upgrade their equipment!  Thanks for camera suggestions!
One simply must not teach kids photography!! cuz then one does not get the camera back ;-)
Just joking.. Cheers!
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