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American Sphinx, Escalante National Monument, Utah
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Hoodoos are great for photographing...the provide an distinct shape and an numerous composition opportunities. And when done correctly they can serve as point of interest in your photographs. Can you recognize the hoodoos on this page?

How was this photograph created?
This is an great example of the situation were GND filter cannot be used. Had I used a GND filter it would have darkened the top of the hoodoo and make the image look unnatural so i had to used our iHDR technique to manually blend 3 bracketed images together.

Enjoy & Share.
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As mãos pra cima

cintura solta

Dá meia volta...

Dançar Kuduro

Quem ñ repassar vai ter 7 anos de azar
Amazing depth and tonality. Well done.
Excellent image Jay. I love the warm colors and of course the beautiful scenery. Very nice. 
+Aaron Stanley This is a fantastic place to shoot...the textures and colors are out of this world. And it has some cool hoodoos as well.
i'm pretty sure its actually a rock
+Jay Patel I am going to have to make an effort to head out that way sometime in the near future. I can only imagine that there is so much to take in. Most of it likely to be breath taking. Thanks for the tip. 
Wonderful colors and composition. One thing I would remove in this picture is the stone in the right lower corner. The rest of the picture is just gorgeous.
wwwooooooowwww its great,you have good idea for landscape photography.
هكذا الفنانون يكتشفون الجمال
this photo is incredibly amazing, the tall rocks looks like a person with a floral hat on and you can see the nose too
receding flood waters did a job on this place. Nice photo.
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