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Oregon Dreaming, Tom McCall Preserve, Oregon
#landscapephotography , #photographyworkflow

Do you dream about traveling?...I am always dreaming about going places like the ones you see in this photograph...and when composing this photograph I used shallow DOF to create a dreamy effect. This was an experiment in creativity to see if I can produce a half decent shot with a shallow DOF. Does is work?

How was this photograph created?
This is photograph is all about composition. I selected the image to ensure that the foreground flowers were sharply in focus while the other elements were out of focus. Another composition choice to was to make the sharp objects appear bigger to draw the viewers attention. And I used a polarizer to bring out the colors on the wet leaves.

Enjoy & Share.
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Very attractive shot!
A job well done. I like the contrast. OUT OF THE WORLD!!!
i know both of guys have no words to say by looking at this picture:)
I think I'll relocate to Oregon....
+Fred Kost The day was just perfect to shoot these flowers - there was almost no wind and a high cloud layer created a soft diffused light.

+Roddy Cooper I am with you...
bish s
Only because you asked, "Does it work?" Yeah, kinda. Nice color saturation. However... the path sort of leads the viewers' eyes away from the main subject towards the middle distance. In my non-expert opinion, maybe moving a little to the right and lowering the viewpoint a bit to hide the path would have helped hold our attention on the flowers? :)
beautiful....thank you for sharing this photo.
Lovely shot. Such a cute, beautiful simplicity. Love it.
Lwin Ko
Nice PLACE.......................
so pretty and beautifull. Reminded me of my country along long time ago
so pretty it must be quite there too so lovly too.
i really love the creativity you use in snap that shot. what apperture did you use and other feature that gave you a perfect shot
Gr8 photo.
I felt the focus thing as the best.
Great shot! It brings back some memories since I was born in OR.
Brings pleasure to both our eyesight and soul.
Traveling is to go to a place to find freshness where someone else has been tired of.
BTW, a very good camera & so nice picture.
defination of relaxation.i truelly feel at ease just by looking at the picture
lovely scenery, i feel to jump in and take a stroll, looks so peaceful just to be in touch with nature
+bish s It was not my intention to hold the viewers attention to the flowers...but rather lead the viewer to see your dream. Your analysis was very good one and I can see your point.

+Olowookere Olakunle I think I used F4....Other choice were driven by composition, lens I was using, distracting elements that were left out of the shot and other organic conditions that were present at the scene.
Hard to tell exactly on this mobile, but the "dreamy" part works for me.
Looks like it's out of a movie!!
That's awesome I wish i could take pictures like that :)
Quite Blissful To Look At From Here In Albuquerque!!!! Great Shot !!!
hey Mr.technic, what kind of botanic example is a "foreground flower"
Soooo, xotic nd it opens your nerves VERY natural we dnt get places like that here that are nt tempared with......
Gift of Nature so beautiful. I like it. 
I am just amazed at how wonderfully you were able to bring the flowers in the foreground into focus while blurring almost everything else in the photo. But truly the most astonishing feat was the way that those two goats humping behind the bush completely blended into the background. You are a wonderful photographer....
+David Tenbor NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! You were not supposed to notice the ghostly shadow of those two goats...I need to work at my cloning skills. Thanks. :-)))
I have better ones:) real paradise-like lanscapes
is this real or web search if it is real good photographic for u career man all the best
I love great photography. Like music, you want one to see what YOU see.
verry beutyfull palace besikaly i am from tawn.(hill satetion)
nature is gods gift to the world and i enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's really a wonderful picture! nice work,the picture shows your dedication.
Very Beautiful. You just find difficult 2 take ur eyes away from d picture
Looks like a leading line and the RULE of THIRDS, shot from a low point of view and emphasizing the colors of the flowers to frame the path from foreground dto the background. VP
The shallow DOF works, but would have worked better if used in the center of the shot, to bring the viewwer's eye to the flowers and through the shot.
In the begin God created heaven and the earth...........( and the beautiful flower too..)
q bien me encantaria conocer un lugar asdi y como tu aprender a tomar fotografias
The shallow DOF works brilliantly. It would have been a much plainer shot without it.
Jay, was this pic taken with an SLR, or a digital camera? you see that it has been a loooong time since i took a pic worth looking at, and my Olympus crapped out on me in about '87! i had feared that i could not manipulate a digital camera like we could the old SLRs. i used to say that i faked the camera out by playing with fstops and focus, foreground, etc. as i look at your picture, i know that the unfocused area is essential to the composition, to the flow of the eye, to the weight and ballast of the shot! cheers, and great appreciation from this viewer! you GO, man!! mabee
+Jay Patel I miss living there in Oregon. Tom McCall is a great place to find some awesome photos. Well done Jay! I can just about smell them! :)
no doubt!!!! anywhere in the NW is spot on! ;) Portland is kinda funky though and I think thats one of my biggest draws that makes it such a fave for me. :) Have you shot up in islands off Washington? I have always wanted to kayak out there and do some film and photography!
Lovely walking path !
like Collen Rose, the soft blur is good. I thing you should have focused on the path. Then the yellows would complement the greens more gently and the green would complement the brown path.
Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Beautiful shots.
hola me encantaron las fotografias numeru 318 y 90 jay patel
OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PIC!!!!!!!!!!:)
An that is the way to paradise !!!!
THIS IS TOTS RIDIC! (totally ridiculous) hahaha :P OMG LOLZ!
I've taken many pictures like this and it is on a trail at Smith Rock in Oregon, if you climb to the top you can see all of Oregon's mountains and country.
D place is looking good wow, i can't wait to see my self in such a nice place like that
Awesome my cousin does photography 2!!!!!!!
nature is always at its best in your photos. thank you for the pleasure to enjoy them
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